London, May 2010— Analytics SEO is pleased to announce the launch of V1.2 of its online SEO software which will be shown for the first time at SMX Advanced in London, on the 17th and 18th of May.

 In addition to launching the latest version of its suite of time and money-saving SEO tools, the team behind Analytics SEO will also be presenting research from analysis of over 1,000 websites at one of the SMX dedicated workshops.

In a session called “Competitive Benchmarking Analytics: How to secure the budget for your next SEO or Website Redesign Project”, Laurence O’Toole, founder of Analytics SEO will present two separate pieces of research. The first is an analysis of 1,000 UK business websites by company size which shows how well they are optimized; the second is a set of comparative website analytics and benchmarking statistics across 350 websites, which companies can use to compare with their own website performance statistics.

Google Analytics Metrics

Commenting on the new features and website analytics research, Laurence O’Toole said,

This is just the first phase of our SEO and Analytics Research programme, but it is already providing useful insights for search marketers and SEO agencies, who want to have SEO tools and data at their disposal which will help them set more realistic expectations of SEO performance and measurement”.

Our research shows that on average 41.6% of organic traffic to a UK company’s website are from brand oriented keywords. Our new tools allow companies to track the split between branded and non-branded organic keyword visits, as well as over 10 other metrics automatically, saving time managing one or more SEO campaigns”. 

 New Features – Branded versus Generic Organic Keyword Visits

With this new feature users can automatically split out branded and generic keyword visits so they can easily see the true impact of their SEO campaigns without the results being skewed by other offline or online marketing campaigns.

SEO Agencies can now prove their SEO services work!

The enhanced multi-site dashboard gives agencies a real-time view of the performance of all their SEO campaigns. It also allows agencies to see instantly, and prove to prospective clients, how they have improved visits, conversions, rankings and other key metrics across their client base.

 Visitors wishing to have full ongoing access to the SEO research and SEO software are advised to signup for a Community package, which enrols you into the Analytics SEO Research Programme. Analytics SEO is offering all SMX attendees a 20% discount on the first month’s fees. To take advantage signup using code SMXPR before 31/05/10.

About SMX Advanced London
The event aims to educate experienced search marketers in the field of Search Marketing.

About Analytics SEO
Analytics SEO is a SaaS Search Engine Optimization tool that allows companies to automate their SEO campaigns using a simple continuous 5 stage SEO program.

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