We’ve just added 5 new metrics to the “Top Pages” module in the Analytics SEO platform, making it much easier to dissect at-a-glance how your most important organic traffic landing pages are performing; and where the opportunities might lie in the future.

The additional metrics are all on a page-level basis and include all visits, bounce rate, average time on page, page views and organic conversions.

5 new metrics added to "top pages" module
5 new metrics added to “top pages” module

As can be seen in the above screenshot, the new metrics have been added as vertical columns, making it easy to determine the pages that not only perform the best in terms of visitor numbers, but also pages that contributed to organic conversions, helping to prioritise future SEO efforts based on projected ROI.

We know that is can sometimes be tricky for SEOs to succinctly quantify the value of their efforts and prioritise future efforts. We’re confident that the additional metrics now available in our “Top Pages” module will go some way to addressing this and make life for SEOs just that little bit easier!