It’s time for a change. After many months of searching we’ve come up with a new name that reflects where we are today and where we’re planning to go in the future. We hope you’re going to like it! AUTHORITAS.

We’re really excited about the vision for our business and for delivering our clients game-changing insights. We believe our new brand name reflects our aims.

Authoritas derives from Latin and it conveys:

‘Authority, influence, responsibility, prestige, reputation, opinion and judgment’.

Why are we rebranding?

The Analytics SEO™ as a brand had too limited scope and reflected the old days when SEO was a predominantly technical discipline cloaked (not that sort of cloaking) in mystery.

Today SEO is a mainstream marketing discipline and to achieve transformational success your SEO activities need to be coordinated with a multi-disciplinary team covering content marketers and editors, digital analysts and strategists, social, PPC and PR teams and more.

To be successful in your niche you need to become an Authority. Google and the other major search engines reward websites with high quality original content and links from other reputable websites.

Our software has changed and will continue to evolve rapidly to support our clients to do what they need to do to succeed in this new reality.

  • We felt the timing was right to find a new brand name that better reflected what it takes to be successful and where our software and business is going.
  • We strongly believe, that our unique big data science driven technology and services will help you formulate a plan to become an authority in your market niche:
  • We’ll help you analyse and benchmark your market share in a way no other SEO platform can
  • Our automated algorithms will help you formulate your content marketing strategies and show Google’s algorithms at work in your market
  • Our search engine optimisation and content tools will analyse your website, compare key ranking factors to the competition and help you get the essentials right
  • We’ll give your content marketing and editorial teams thousands of automated content suggestions
  • All this at scale across one large site(s) or thousands of small ones in any industry worldwide, supported by a passionate team whose success is measured by your success

In addition, on our new Authoritas blog we’ll strive to provide:

  • The highest quality original big data Science driven research (the kind that’s difficult to do on your own in Excel)
  • Interviews from experts in SEO, Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Content Marketing and more
  • In-depth commentary on key algorithm updates or industry developments
  • Free tools to help you get a competitive edge

There are a multitude of other reasons why we’re rebranding – so just in case you’re super interested, here are the other main ones:

  • Analytics SEO is too generic and not as memorable as a unique name like Authoritas. Although it has served us well – especially in the early days as we were building website traffic and Google was still favouring EMDs (Exact Match Domains)
  • Despite years of ‘training’ people often called us ‘SEO Analytics’ – last time I checked we still ranked No1 for the phrase!
  • We felt a change in name would be a good way to announce the significant technology and Big Data changes we have made over the past two years and to signal to the industry that we have something new that’s really worth exploring

The change in branding is not going to happen overnight. Over the coming weeks you will notice that a lot of things will start to change:

  • You can already login to the new Authoritas branded app on the new login page
  • Your existing login to will continue to work for a few more weeks and then you will automatically be redirected to the new app login page (clients who have white-labelled the platform on their own sub-domain will not be affected)
  • We will be migrating the existing Analytics SEO website and blog to the new Authoritas domain
  • We’ll be rolling out some really important new Big Data science driven features for complete market analysis and content marketing opportunity identification. These features are currently in beta and they’ll be slowly rolled out over the coming months to our enterprise clients and their agencies

In Summary

Our name has changed.

But we’re still the same.

We’re still as focused now on achieving SEO and online marketing success as we were when we started Analytics SEO in 2008/2009 in my garage (like all good tech companies).

In fact the common thread the core Authoritas team has had over the past 20 years or so in digital has not changed. We’re still absolutely passionate and excited about helping clients achieve the very best results possible by relentlessly focusing on what it takes to get to #1.

We hope you can share our excitement about the vision for our business and for delivering you game-changing insights.

If you’ve got any comments, suggestions or concerns about the rebrand or our future direction then please drop us an email, call me on +44 208 977 4465 or reach out to me on LinkedIn.