On 6 July 2016, Matt and I were offered the opportunity to run free and expand our knowledge at the very first Search Leeds conference in, you guessed it, Leeds. We began our journey all the way up on Wednesday afternoon, and what a conference it was!

In true SEO industry fashion, we were invited to the pre-party on the evening before the conference where we got to rub shoulders with some of the most influential people in the industry. Two free drinks and some great conversation later, we were well on our way to a spectacular time.

The morning of the conference started off with registration and some tea and coffee then we could choose between either listening to the talks in the Main Hall/Track One or at Dock 29/Track Two. I have to just say that I would love to mention every talk I attended as they were all great but that would turn into a ridiculously long blog post. So I’ve decided to mention the talks that were particularly helpful to me as I can relate to them at this very point in time.


We decided to stay in the main hall and start the day listening to Kirsty Hulse from Manyminds talking about “how to make friends and get links”. This was an interesting talk for me especially, as Kirsty focused one section of her talk on good and bad examples of outreach emails. I am the Outreach Manager here at Authoritas and getting some inside tips on what not to do in email outreach was very helpful, and entertaining!

The next talk we went to was that of Jon Earnshaw from Pi Diametrics on the “5 things that can go wrong with a site migration”. This was also particularly interesting as we are currently slap-bang in the middle of our own site migration. For those who are unaware, we have rebranded from Analytics SEO to Authoritas. Jon gave an overview of what a smooth migration should look like and debunked the myths and fear of losing traffic. What we have been doing and what Jon confirmed is that SEO needs to be involved from the beginning. You can’t just build a new site and in Jon’s words, “sprinkle some SEO onto it” and boom, you’re ranking at number 1…

During the breaks, there was lots of fun to be had. Matt tried his luck on Met Marketing’s putting green and came sixth overall – pity our golf-fanatic CEO Laurence, wasn’t there to show them some stuff! There was also some tennis fun, very topical choice at the moment, well done iProspect. Finally, in our Search Leeds goodie bags we each received a key to try unlock a box with £500.00 within it. Neither mine nor Matt’s key worked, I think it was rigged 😉


There were a lot of pretty awesome talks throughout the day and I wish I could give you an account of each one but sadly I can’t, I do need to continue with other work. So to end off, I think this was a wildly successful first event and I would like to congratulate and thank the organisers, Branded3, and all the other sponsors for making it fun and informative.

Did you go to the event? What was your best talk? I would love to get your opinion on it too.