We’re updating again!

We’ve updated the Crawl Health module within our core platform. This is a great update as the data now depicted gives you a greater depth of crawl analysis. These changes are now live!

The new table for the Crawl Health module is shown in the screen shot below:

Crawl Health Dashboard

As you can see, we have split the status column into two: the actual status of the URL i.e. 301 Permanent Redirect, 200 OK, any 4XX or 5XX errors just to name a few, and the Meta Robots status. We have also added a Friendly URL status to the Unfriendly URL column.

The second screenshot below shows the older version of the internal link analysis pop up which shows a breakdown of your links.

Link Analysis

We have now added a few more features to this internal link pop-up which breaks down the details of those respective links. The image below highlights the changes which appear for both internal links in and out. You now see the URL, that specific anchor text, the link type, whether it is a no-follow or not, and you can download this data as a .csv file, as shown in the screenshot below.

New Link Analysis

So, if you were inclined to analyse the anchor text distribution and get some idea of how ‘link juice’ may be flowing within your site, you now can!

We hope you enjoy the depth of analysis that is now provided. Don’t hesitate to comment and let us know what you think.