Authoritas teamed up with the SEO team of (one of the leading eCommerce sites in France) to build an automated approach to devising and automatically implementing a winning SEO and content marketing strategy at scale across millions of keywords from the Web Graph. competes with the biggest eCommerce names in France including,, and, and have experienced a 34.3% decline in Search Visibility over the past 2 years. They had been using traditional SEO tools but had not managed to curb the decline in visibility. Given the enormity of its product range and the need for keyword research and opportunity analysis at scale, PriceMinister started looking for big data-driven technology solutions that could help it focus on the right opportunities. Towards the end of 2016, commissioned Authoritas to provide a customised feed of data from its Big Data science-driven SEO and content marketing platform. then used the insights provided to focus on the right opportunities and automatically build new pages. The solution went live in mid-December 2016.

The Solution


  • Advanced graph database technology – capable of understanding connections between ranking keywords and pages and the relevance of SERP content
  • 16m commercial keywords and search volumes
  • Parsed and extracted SERPs results (pages 1 to 3) for each keyword
  • ~ 500Mn rows of data, ~ 970Mn graph relationships per week
  • Clustered using graph community detection algorithms
  • ~ 400,000 client URLs scored and prioritised based on traffic potential and competitive strength
  • Provided via data feed to PriceMinister
  • Supply of >900K ranking keywords and >3.2Mn opportunity keywords


  • PriceMinister’s Data Science team created algorithms to evaluate each opportunity keyword to determine ‘Commercial Intent’
  • Clusters of ‘Opportunity keywords’ with high relevance, traffic potential, commercial intent scores and relative competitive strength were matched to PriceMinister’s products
  • They then developed an automated solution to create new pages based on these recommendations as well as a predictive model of how Google would crawl its website

The Results

PriceMinister’s search visibility increased rapidly by 41% within 2 months and 43.5% within 3 months


Results table


Authoritas built a Web Graph for PriceMinister by plotting every ranking page (including competitors) and every ranking keyword from the top 3 pages of Google’s SERPs for 16 million keywords (~970m connections p/week). State-of-the-art graph database technology and community detection algorithms processed the inter-connections and relationships between millions of keywords and pages in the Web Graph to define a relevant market of over 4Mn keywords. (Fig 1 and Fig 2 below).

Fig 1. – Web Graph Visualisation
In this example, you can find suggested ‘Opportunity Keywords’ for any PriceMinister page by following the graph and finding its ranking keywords, the competing pages for every keyword and their ranking keywords.

web graph

Fig 2. – Complex Web Graph Visualisation

The graph is then clustered to show closely related competing pages (green), keywords (brown) and sites (blue).

web graph vis

Graph traversals were then automated to:

  1. Find the top 100 competing sites.
  2. Discover ‘Opportunity Keywords’
  3. Discover, measure and prioritise content clusters where competing sites were ranking but PriceMinister wasn’t – it could then use this data to programmatically create a ‘perfect page’ for Google

Each of PriceMinister’s URLs were labelled using TF/IDF and prioritised with scores indicating the potential traffic gain and relative competitive strength.

Fig 3 & Fig 4 below gives you an example of how the technology automatically analysed the market for PriceMinister.

Fig 3: – Top 100 competing sites by Organic Visibility and Domain Strength.

PriceMinister Marketplace

Fig 4: New Keyword Suggestions for Content Creation (grouped by cluster)

PriceMinister Content Creation

This was clearly a winning formula that Authoritas and PriceMinister put together. Please feel free to add you comments in the section below or if you want to talk about how we could create a your own winning formula – get in touch with us or request a demo.

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