Pre-Sales Accounts

You have separate access to pre-sales and customer service accounts to help manage your growth. You can automate all of your client/lead pitches – allowing you to take on more sales proposals than you can today. You can effortlessly create insightful pre-sales reports during the pitch process. Track client sites versus their competitors during the sales process to increase urgency and help potential clients make a prompt buying decision.

When a user logs in they will see the Pre-Sales account as an extra drop down from the Company dropdown menu in the My Sites section. You will need to select the pre-sales account before adding pre-sales domains. You will also have to move domains from one account to another by using the arrow in the Actions section of the My Sites (Settings > Sites) screen.

Your Pre-Sales account limits will be agreed upon during the sales process.

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Authoritas Onboarding Process

Onboarding Process

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