The links listed below are a few resources to help you with your onboarding process. If you need to recap a certain section of the platform or if you would like to self-study to better equip yourself with the ins and outs of the platform, you can do that with these links.

Platform related:

  1. Authoritas Welcome Program
  2. Knowledge Base

Additional Content:

  1. Authoritas Blog
  2. Tea Time SEO – stay connected with our virtual talks on SEO, keyword research, content optimisation and much more…
  3. BrightonSEO videos – video recordings of the main stage at BrightonSEO April 2016
  4. Events – our latest online and offline events

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Authoritas Onboarding Process

Onboarding Process

  1. Introduction
  2. Support
  3. Resources
  4. Pre-Sales Accounts
  5. Your Onboarding Process – Week 1
  6. Your Onboarding Process – Week 2
  7. Your Onboarding Process – Week 3, 4, 5 & New Starter Orientation