Your Onboarding Process – Week 2

Week 2: Training Session 1

(In house, or online screen share) This session will last approximately 1 hour.
Topics covered in training session 1

  1. Dashboard > This site, All sites
  2. Market Analysis modules
  3. Technical modules
  4. Reports modules and create a custom report for one of your sites
  5. Tasks

Tasks to be completed for Bronze Authoritas Certification

  1. On the This Site module, select the most relevant KPIs for your campaign (using the cog on the right hand side)
  2. In the Crawl Health module, scroll down to the table and click on the caret and create a task for one of your crawl health issues to be completed by the next training session
  3. Add 3 relevant tags for each site
  4. Market Analysis: Identify and create a task for one improvement point for your site using the KPIs
  5. Market Visibility: set categories for 5 uncategorised domains
  6. Site Audit: Investigate any issues in your site audit
  7. Set task to fix all ‘page not found’ issues on the Crawl Health module
  8. Create a task to complete any required JS & CSS pagespeed issues
  9. In the Create New Report module, create a PDF report, including:
    – Your company cover page artwork
    – A header image
    – Use the placeholders to add 3 metrics to your Executive Summary
    – For your report content, drag all 3 technical modules to the selected module area
    – Save Report Template
  10. Schedule your report in the View Reports module
  11. Add a New Custom Task: assign the task to yourself and select the related module. Aim for this task to be completed before our next training session.
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Authoritas Onboarding Process

Onboarding Process

  1. Introduction
  2. Support
  3. Resources
  4. Pre-Sales Accounts
  5. Your Onboarding Process – Week 1
  6. Your Onboarding Process – Week 2
  7. Your Onboarding Process – Week 3, 4, 5 & New Starter Orientation