A Baker’s Dozen of Updates! – Version 5.1.5 to 5.2.7

Since my last update on version 5.1.4, we’ve been quietly working on both short term, medium long-term projects here.

Firstly, we’ve released another 13 updates (in just under four months), so that’s moreorless one every 10 days. It’s often the case that when you develop a large piece of Enterprise software likes ours, you have to sometimes just take stock and make minor tweaks here and there to improve performance, quality and reporting, so a lot of these fall into these categories; however, I’ll go over the main ones which affect a user’s experience (details on all the point updates can be found in Appendix D of the free user manual).

Reporting Improvements

Scheduled Reports improvements

We added a selectable date range to Scheduled Reports. So now, when you schedule a report, the platform will ask you to specify what date range to apply to this report. This was done in order to ensure that full, finalised monthly numbers appeared on such reports (NB: you only need to use this option if your report includes modules from the Results tab).

More Search Engines Added!

We also added support for another five search engine variants:

  • Google (Pakistan)
  • Google (Taiwan)
  • Google (South Korea)
  • Bing (Taiwan)
  • Yahoo (Taiwan)

We re-designed the Custom Report Builder & added in Cover Pages!!

You can now add full bleed cover pages to any Custom Reports you create in the platform. Just design a cover page as a PNG file and upload it in the Custom Report builder. Any image you upload will stretch to fill an A4 page.

We’ve also revamped the design of the report builder itself. It’s now much simpler to build custom reports as you can just drag and drop modules from each tab into your report builder and you can put them in any order whatsoever!

Yooda Imports!

To go alongside our ability to import Raven keyword histories, we added the ability to import ranking histories from Yooda. This really only affects any new customers from France, as Yooda’s customer base appears to be currently focused there.

Ad hoc data refreshes!


From 20th June, customers on certain packages (Pro+ or above) now had the ability to automatically ask the system to refresh certain sections of data in the platform. This is a two step process, so if you click on the Refresh button, you’ll be asked to confirm you want us to refresh the data and you will also be told exactly what modules will be updated:

Donuts! Yum!

We’ve also revamped the Result vs Target component which allows you to set and monitor (up to 3) KPIs during a campaign and replaced the horizontal bars with new animated donut charts!

Nice and simple, huh? As before, you can set up to three KPIs for each campaign and the system will import Google Analytics (or Omniture) data every day and let you know where you’re up to in terms of hitting these numbers. In addition, these can now also be exported so you can include these new charts in your PDF and PPT reports, thereby giving you another way of reporting to your clients to let them know just how close you are to hitting those targets!

Social Sign On

We’ve also deployed some work which allows you to sign in (or up) using your Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ logins:

You can also use this option if you want to comment on the blog. If you want to add your social accounts to the system, you can do this by clicking on the dropdown arrow next to your login name in the top right hand corner of the screen and selecting the link for My Account:

Lots of back-end tinkering!

Of course, we’re continually striving to improve all aspects of the platform, so our Engineering team is also making many minor adjustments to the platform. A lot of these are very technical, though, and not worth spelling out in detail; rest assured, though, they’re all done in your best interests.

The Future!

As some of you may be aware, we’ve also made major strides forward over the past few months in coming up with a completely new version of the software. I can’t say much here, but I can tell you this has taken up a lot of man hours, involved a lot of discussions with both existing and prospective customers and we’re very excited with how it’s panning out. We’re confident Version 6 is going to be faster, slicker, prettier, more intuitive and have lots of new features you’ll have never seen before in any other SEO platform!

If you want to chip in with any feature requests or suggestions, now is as good time as any to let us know what you’d like to see. Just raise a support ticket if you’re in the app or email feedback@authoritas.com.

By: Matt O’Toole, Customer Experience Manager at Analytics SEO

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  • Zach Doty
    03/09/2013 13:35


    The new features are working well and we’re very excited for v 6.x.

    • mattjotoole
      03/09/2013 15:41

      Thanks, Zach. It’s coming along nicely. I wish we could get it done tomorrow, but there’s a lot to it.


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