A new ranking API, Daily Rankings, Executive Summaries & yet more charts!

It’s been a typically busy February here at Analytics HQ – I would call it “Analytics SEO Towers”, but it’s a large U-shaped ground floor office, so…. Anyway, we’ve added quite a few bits and bobs this month.

*NEW* REST Structured Ranking API

We are certainly heading the way of developing the whole platform on an API basis. We’ll think it’ll provide a much more versatile solution in the long run. With this in mind, over Christmas, our CTO kindly developed a new structured ranking API, based on REST principles. This is actually the third API solution we have that customers can use. One other is an older RPC XML based API and the second one we developed last year is designed for Big SEO Data use (you can run any Google query through it – any google hack, for example, and it can easily handle up to 10m queries a month!). But to be clear, the REST one I’m talking about here is purely for ranking data (at the moment), but it does support all the search engines on the platform and can also be used for large volume local ranking checks too! So, what are you waiting for? Apply for a key and give it (or either of the other two) a whirl!

Daily Rankings


Oh yes, there’s this too. A lot of customers were asking for this, but we had to put a lot of backend infrastructure changes into place to handle the extra workload, before we could deploy front end changes. At the moment, this is available (for free!) to any customers on a Pro+ package or above. If you’re on one of these packages, there’s nothing you need to do – we’ll just switch on daily rankings for you.

Executive Summaries


Again, we’re very customer led, so this was another common request. This applies to PDF reports only, at the moment, but it essentially allows you to add your own customised commentaries to your regular client reports (they appear on Page 2). And don’t forget, you can also add a full colour cover page to these now too. Part of this work also involved redesigning the whole area of the platform where you can create custom report templates to make it quicker and easier to use.

More lovely charts!

You ask and we deliver! We’ve improved the charting on one module and added a few more charts to a couple of others in the platform.

Result vs Target

This is a module which allows you to monitor Google-Analytics or Omniture based KPIs. You used to be allowed to only show 3 per campaign, but this week, we’ve increased that to 6! These export into PDF and PPT reports, so can be used as a very simple way to show a client how you’re performing against your KPIs for each campaign (the calculations are based on 30 day moving averages).

Keyword Ranking Summaries

We added a nice two colour column chart to the Keyword Ranking Summaries module. Pretty nice and simple, isn’t it?

Competitive Keyword Rankings


And, whilst we were at it, we also added this nice multi-coloured chart to the Competitive Keyword Rankings module, so you can more easily get a feel of the gap between your site’s ranks and your competitors’ ranks. Nice, huh?

Of course, there’s more coming. Hard coding work has started on a planned (not provided) solution, we’re always making some cosmetic changes to PowerPoint and PDF reports and also designing new Market Share modules and a new dashboard.

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