A survey on our scoring system!

We’re asking for your feedback here. We’ve had a scoring system in place for a lot of modules in the platform for several years now and it’s often caused some controversy. As a result, we’re reviewing our use of scoring mechanisms within the software and would welcome your input.

Some of our modules have been deliberately left without scores (as info only modules), because, for example, we didn’t have enough data to really attach a meaningful score to the module. You could rank #1 for a keyword, but should we really give you any score if the monthly estimated Search Volume for it is zero? You could be bringing in 1,000 visits a month, but is this more or less than you’d like or expected to achieve? Is this a great performance or terrible? If you’ve got more referring domains than the competitors on your campaign, should a score be based on the competitors you’ve chosen or the type and potential link juice of those links? A lot of the time, the answer to such questions is going to be “it depends”, so in these instances, we’ve left the scoring mechanism out for that module and left these modules as “info” only. Furthermore, some of the modules are proportionate scores (typically amongst the technical modules) and some are relative to the competitors you’ve chosen. Some calculations are much more complex than others.

Currently scored sections of the software are as follows:

  • This Site (Single Site) dashboard – Site Analysis Scores (see above image – shows sections scores)
  • Market Analysis/Competitive Audit
  • Market Analysis/Marketplace Potential
  • Technical/Site Audit
  • Technical/Crawl Health
  • Technical/Page Speed
  • Pages/Content Analysis
  • Pages/Indexation
  • Pages/Image Errors
  • Links/Link Analysis
  • Links/Domain Analysis
  • Links/Competitor Links
  • Links/Lose Links
  • Links/Inbound:Outbound Domains
  • Links/Link Building
  • Results/Result vs Target
  • Results/Analytics Benchmarks

Please consider the following questions and add some comments below.

  1. Do you find the current scoring system useful?
  2. Do you use them in pre-sales reports or monthly client reports?
  3. Should we scrap it altogether? If so, what should we replace it with?
  4. Is it possible to score a website for SEO purposes?
  5. Is it meaningful to do so?
  6. Would your ideal scoring calculations vary, depending upon what aspects of the website you were analysing?
  7. Is a simple 0-100% mechanism useful or would a simpler Critical/Needs Attention/OK seem or a red/amber/green colouring system be more useful?

As always, we’d like our customers to be the driving force behind any development we do. So please feel free to tell us exactly what you’d like to see us do!

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