Adding Notes to Google Analytics using Analytics SEO


One of the additional benefits of using AnalyticsSEO is that it can add really useful insights to your Google Analytics reporting that you cannot do yet in your Google Analytics account.
If you have ever asked yourself these kinds of questions then you will appreciate this part of our tool:
  • How do I add notes to Google Analytics Reports to keep track of website and SEO changes and activities?
  • How do I add site development milestones to Google Analytics?
  • Is there an alternative to manually remembering what website and search engine optimization changes I have made to my site?
  • Is there a way to monitor Google Analytics data and link the results to the efforts I have put in?
AnalyticsSEO has been designed to help you find answers to these kind of questions.
For example, let’s say you wanted to add website development milestones to your website and link them to organic search results data from your Google Analytics account. Or perhaps you have recently re-designed the home page or other key pages, changed some important content or meta-data, added a new landing page or changed your e-commerce pages and want to view Google Analytics organic search data whilst being mindful of the activities that have impacted this data.
With AnalyticsSEO you pull your data in from Google Analytics, add and track tasks, and you can track your competitors, run SEO campaigns and more using the project management tool.
On ‘Tab 5 Measure’ there is a graph called Overlaid Metrics – this takes organic search data from Google Analytics and displays key events on top of it automatically. These events have been determined by us but they can also be determined by you by adding a ‘Manual task’ that you want to track.
You can do this by simply selecting "Add Task" wherever you see it throughout the site. It is at the bottom of the ‘Workload’ tab and in the ‘Things to do’ section on tabs 1 – 4.
The whole idea behind this is that you can see over time the impact your on-site and off-site changes are having on your overall traffic.
Clearly, to get the best out of this you need to use the AnalyticsSEO tool for a while and do some competitive benchmarking and tracking. 
The other additional (and ambitious plan) for AnalyticsSEO is that customers can opt-in to anonymously share data with us about events and traffic so that we can do undertake extensive SEO Effectiveness Research and hopefully produce interesting insights and even better SEO tools in the future.
The reward for anonymously sharing data is you save money (£50/month) on the planned monthly subscription per website now; and you get privileged access to the research and even better SEO tools in the future.
If you want to give it a try – simply sign-up for your free AnalyticsSEO account and add Google Analytics (using the clearly identified task).
And if you have any ideas about how we can improve this tool even further then please do add a comment to this article or get in touch.

By: Laurie OToole

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