Analytics SEO launches its search engine optimization software for SEO resellers

Hi everyone, it’s time for another upgrade to your favourite search engine optimisation software 😉

That’s right – Analytics SEO is getting bigger, better and a lot more powerful every day!

There’s a lot packed into this software release so here are the headlines:

  1. SEO Reseller Software – We’ve launched our reseller version, so if you want to sell software-as-a-service (SaaS) search engine optimisation to your customers internationally then we can help.
  2. White-label version – You can now re-brand the user interface and heavily customise it to match your corporate identity.  It’s your SEO software, on your domain, in your colours!  In the words of Henry T Ford, “You can have any colour you like as long as it’s (not) black”.
  3. Multi-sites – we’ve also taken this opportunity to roll out our new interactive tables to the Multi-Site Overview tab.  So it’s now even easier for all our customers with 50 or more websites to manage their SEO campaigns.
  4. Usability improvements – You told us there were some things we could polish.  So we have been busy polishing the user interface and generally trying to improve the user experience (especially for first time users).  There’s a lot of very minor things we’ve changed to try and improve the user experience – can you spot them all?

SEO Reseller Software

For the past few weeks our dev team have been busy talking about UTF-8 character encoding, double byte characters and so on and so forth.  As you can imagine, the conversation in the office has been riveting!

But the results of all these efforts is that Analytics SEO is now ready to take on the world!

We’ve launched a new extended Dashboard for SEO companies and marketing agencies that want to sell their own branded search engine optimisation software solution to their clients.  We still host the software and do all the leg work behind the scenes, but now you can specify the domain or sub-domain you want the software to run on and give your users a beautifully branded experience.

If for some strange reason you find yourself working in a country where the first language is not English (heaven forbid!), we’ll even work with you to get it translated into whatever works in your neck of the woods….even US English!

As you may already have seen, last year we partnered with US-based Strategic Search Marketing firm, SE Jones.  They are SEO experts and will be using the reseller version of our platform to help US and Canadian companies on the SEO training courses they run.

Things are really heating up, as we are only a week or so away from announcing a major new foreign language version of our SEO software in the Middle East.  I cannot say which country or with whom yet; but suffice to say doing CSS in right to left has had our UI team amused. 😉

We’re very keen to partner with well established SEO companies across the globe in any language; although for obvious reasons European SEO companies are top of the list in France, Germany, Spain and Italy.  So if you’re out there and reading this using Google Translate then get in touch!

The ‘Reseller’ options can be found within the ‘Settings’ tab.

This feature simply allows users with permission to add multiple companies, websites and users to their account.

You can do this manually and we invoice monthly; or you can use our Analytics SEO API to automatically setup companies, websites and users on our system (please contact us and we’ll email you the details).

Manage multiple companies

The reseller can then allocate as many sites as it likes to each company. For example, a reseller can add 100 companies to its account and allocate each company a site limit of say 10 sites.

Setup company sites

As a reseller, you’re also able to manage users so that they’re only permitted access to selected sites:

It’s that simple.  Of course, if you really want to crank up sales then you’ll probably want to brand it too.  As luck would have it, we’ve included white-labelling options in this release too!

White-label – Your SEO Software – Your brand

If you’re going to be reselling our software, then surely you’d like it to look the way you want it to look. We solved this issue by creating a powerful white-labelling feature for marketers. This means you’re able to rebrand Analytics SEO to make it fit in with the design of your website or websites (Yes, you can have more than one white-labelled version if you really want to).

The white-labelling feature can be found within the ‘Settings’ tab under ‘Branding’. Here you’re able to add a new white-label site, just enter the domain name and sub-domain the site will be available on.  There’s also some help on this page so one of your technical team can quickly configure your DNS settings to point to our IP address.

You can also set your homepage URL and specify email addresses for outbound system emails and for inbound queries from your users.

You can now go on to fiddle around with the colours on your site. The first time you do this, you’ll see the default colours set, which is the beautiful colour scheme you see right now.  Simply click the colour picker and you can select a new colour scheme for almost every bit of the user interface you can see.  Go wild!

Whitelabel site domain and essentials

If you want to go to town, you can even change the custom graphics on your site. Simply, click ‘Browse’… and upload the images from your computer.

Whitelabel graphics

If you need a template for size, just right click on the default graphics, click Save As and open and edit the graphic in your imaging software.

You can even change the ‘Export, Print and Help’ icons under ‘Optional Styling’.

Whitelabel styling

‘Finishing Touches’ allows you to change the buttons on your new site if you are a total perfectionist.

In true Blue Peter fashion, here’s a white-labelled site I made earlier… 😉

Rebranded whitelabel site

(And yes, it’s ghastly! But for the sake of this blog, it serves its purpose!)

We think the white-label feature is great. You can pretty much change everything – all the colours, tabs, tables, your logo, favicon. The only thing you can’t change is the layout – it’s probably for the best if you don’t mess with that!

Multi-site Table

Still reading, you must either be a committed competitor or be desperately keen to find an easy way to manage SEO campaigns simultaneously across hundreds of sites?

Well, hopefully you fit into the second category and we can resume telling you about all our great features!

We have now added a filterable table to the ‘Overview > All-sites overview’ tab which enables you to see at a glance which of your sites are ahead of their SEO targets, which need targets setting and which need some loving care and attention (and maybe a little link love) to get them to where they need to be.

If you want to search for a specific site, simply type a few characters into the ‘Site’ column hit ‘enter’ and hey presto your site appears. You can also use ‘<‘ and ‘>’ to filter the table to get straight to the data you need to see fast.

Usability Improvements

Got a large monitor? Well now you can use it to its full potential. Simply go to the ‘Settings tab’, click on ‘Preferences’ and change ‘Display mode’ from ‘Medium to Large or Extra Large’.  This is great for looking at tables with large amounts of data in; especially the ‘Select Keywords’ table where we pull so much keyword information together to help you with your keyword strategy.

We’ve also made lots of minor system and usability improvements;

System messages – you will now see nice messages alerting you to key events such as; new system upgrades and features; site setup %; messages when we’re still collecting data and you need to wait; the odd blog post and so on.

System notification

Wait icons – When you’ve added a site for the first time it often takes a few hours (or more for huge sites) to collect and analyse all your data.  During this time the system scores and ‘optimise’ buttons will indicate that you must wait before relying on the scores and task statuses.

Well, if you’ve got this far, then you’ve done well.  As always please feel free to add a non-spammy comment below and let me know what else you’d like to see.

And do contact us for more details on re-selling or re-branding AnalyticsSEO in your country and in your language!

Until, the next update….au revoir.

By: Laurie OToole

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