Analytics SEO Site Upgrade

Thanks for all your feedback everyone!

Today we have launched some major improvements to our SEO software tools, the user interface and our service in general.  We have set out what has been updated below and please keep your ideas and suggestions coming as we are updating the software and making minor improvements on a weekly basis.

Competitor SEO Site Audit

One of our favourite additions and something we are already using ourselves regularly is the new competitive summary table on the SEO Site Audit tab.

This table allows you to see at a glance how your site compares to your competition on key SEO factors, so you know how far ahead of your competitors you are or how much you are behind.

This report sets out and scores your site versus your competition on a number of key SEO related factors such as; Google Page Rank, Home Page Speed Download, Number of Inbound Links, Number of Indexed pages, Deep link ratio, HTML and XML sitemaps, Custom 404 pages, Domain Age and more.  It is updated daily, so you always have a handle on where you stand versus the competition.  

It also tracks your progress since your SEO campaign started so you can see how well you have done!

New Online-Sign-up Facility

We have integrated a new 3D secure online payment gateway and subscription system to make everyone’s life easier—thanks to those who signed up manually during the last few months, by the way!

The new payment gateway allows you to add more sites to your account and to pay for access instantly.  It also allows you to cancel your account should you wish to do so at any time.

All trial-account users will now see a payment page when they try and login after their free trial period has expired.

A Simple SEO Factors Scoring Report

You asked for

A simple summary outlining exactly how your website is performing in the SERPs.”

We have delivered

A very simple SEO Factors Scoring Report.  This looks at a number of fundamental SEO factors and scores your site accordingly.



 A Simple Way To Give Feedback

You asked for

Where do we give you feedback about what we like and ideas for further improvements.”

We have implemented




A new feedback icon on the right hand side of the page which allows you to message us directly from within the SEO software.

Green Ticks

You asked for

Green ticks!”

We have implemented

Nice new green ticks so it’s easier to see what tasks have been completed.


Fresher & Lighter Design

You asked for

A lighter design.”

We have made

Some design tweaks to try and lighten up the page and make it a bit brighter.
We will be doing a full redesign early next year – but until then we hope these minor changes have helped.

New Server and User Interface

You asked for

Faster running reports and user interface.”

We have installed

A huge dual-quad core Dell server, which is about as big as we could buy!  We have also made some significant code changes at the back-end to make things run as fast as possible.

Well that’s all the updates this week.

We’ve still got plenty more before Christmas and early in the New Year, so stay tuned and keep those great ideas coming!

And please, if you like what we’re trying to do – please tell us and email your friends.

Or share it with them using the services below.

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