Analytics SEO takes web optimization to a whole new level with a brand new look and dynamic new features

Today we announced the latest version of our suite of online SaaS SEO tools.  This is our most significant upgrade since we launched version 1 of our time-saving SEO software at SES and TFM&A in London in February.

Our latest SEO software is designed for both SEO experts and website owners.

It automates the key SEO tasks, simplifies the SEO process and delivers measurable online marketing performance!

In addition to a few architectural changes you will notice a refined design, look and feel and a layout that is a little more contemporary.

We have, and will continue to focus on improvements in usability, and those of you with nice large monitors will notice that some of the larger tables now can take advantage of a new liquid layout.

Analytics SEO Home Page 

More Sophisticated User Interface

Instead of going for a minor change in colour, we decided to change all the content pages as well as the SEO software dashboard to try and give the site a whole new image.  We do hope you like it! We have tried to create and arrange content in the most logical way possible,so that even newbies will understand how the information is organized how to get from A to B.  But if you have any suggestions or improvements, we’d love to hear them. 

Information Driven Strategic Redesign

To help us speed up the SEO and website redesign process, we have used a series of top-notch SEO and Website Redesign Tools and Techniques such as Google Website Optimizer, Fivesecondtest and Feedback Army.  

We also extensively used Balsamiq, which in my opinion is still the most cost-effective software for designing website wireframes.  According to our founder Laurence, "Balsamiq allows you to create new website mockups at the speed of light" – probably because he always wants everything done at the speed of light too! 😉

In addtion to the new easy-to-use interface, we have also rolled out new features like the Brand Engagement Metric, a multi-site agency dashboard and the immediate PDF and PowerPoint generator.

We hope that all these changes have increased the overall effectiveness of the tool and can’t wait to roll-out our next set of changes and new features.

Do let us know what you think!

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