Analytics SEO v3.5 Released! Features New & Improved Majestic SEO Integration…

(Sorry, this email should have gone out earlier but Steve was busy releasing baby Lock V1.0 – he’s now taking a few well earned days off with his wife and new baby boy – we wish them all well).

We are excited to announce the latest version release of Analytics SEO, which has a number of new features and is by far the best version of the software to date! 

Powered by Majestic SEO data Analytics SEO now utilises AC Rank and a number of other valuable metrics including referring domains, IP addresses and subnets. Experienced SEOs will always stress the importance of looking much deeper than the raw number of links, as we all know all links are not created equal…


Firstly the “Number of Inbound Links” component has been renamed to “Backlink Analysis” to reflect the tool being far more valuable than just reporting the number of inbound links. New fields include the discovery date of the link, AC Rank and redirect flagging.  

The "Competitive Site Audit" table has now been enhanced to include AC Rank, indexed pages in Majestic SEO (great as a consistent baseline!), referring domains, IP addresses and subnets. This is fantastic news as Analytics SEO is harnessing the power of Majestic SEO’s data to provide powerful insights when benchmarking SEO performance across different domains.

The “Number of Inbound Domains” component has also been renamed to “Referring Domain Analysis” and offers a brand new chart to display referring domains over time. Please note as a new feature the graphs will take a little while to collect data and populate moving forward. This is a great new feature and one we have been eager to integrate for the last few months! Below is an example of the kind of data available in Majestic SEO, which will be available very soon in Analytics SEO:


The product roadmap is also crammed full of more features we are very excited about and will be releasing over coming months. At Analytics SEO we are very customer driven and will be working around the clock to make our software the best in the marketplace. 

Please contact me any time if there are any new features you would like to have considered and we will always do our best to include them in our product development. Are there any features that will enable you to save time, hassle or money? Email me through our contact form, comments or contact me via Twitter @stevejlock or @analyticsseo to let me know what you would like to see added.

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