Analytics SEO Version 4.2 & 4.3 Released!

Woohoo! Version 4.2 and 4.3 of Analytics SEO is finally here!

It’s been a busy few weeks here and hot off the back of us getting nominated in the National Search Awards for best SEO software and announcing our new project with Touch Local, we are pleased to announce the release of 4.2 and 4.3. If you would like to find out more about SEOTrackz you can read our recent press release here.

Touch Local have built a service on our platform’s API that provides SEO services to their existing customers. The project is going really well and keep your eyes peeled for more updates and we will be looking to partner with our customers to help them deploy their very own web applications. Please get in touch if you would like any additional information or if you are keen to work with our API.

This is a feature rich update and includes some really exciting new enhancements. Here is a quick overview (and also includes some new things coming up on our product roadmap!):

  • SEMRush integration.
  • Ability to hide scores, topic status, task statuses, difficulty, time to fix and topic descriptions.
  • Improved API scoring system.
  • Facebook Likes added to our API.
  • Google +1’s added to our API.
  • Twitter added to our API.
  • Analytics SEO public site re-design.
  • Scheduled reporting.
  • Email alerts.
  • Component scoring changes.

SEMRush Integration

Analytics SEO is pleased to announce SEMRush API integration. As part of the publicly announced blitz on Google Adwords API developer access, which has effected almost all SEO platforms that used them, Google revoked access to the Google Adwords API for thousands of services without warning. Analytics SEO has re-applied for access, but in the meantime, we have accelerated integration plans with SEMRush and are using their data for automated search volume estimates.

As part of the first phase, our traffic estimates are now using SEMRush data, which are noticeably more conservative; however most seasoned SEO’s will agree that although Google Adwords traffic estimations are incredibly valuable, their results can be questionable at times. Some SEOs have also published case studies highlighting concerns about taking estimations at face value. On balance, the largest risks are normally overestimating traffic estimates, so this makes SEMRush a great choice for traffic data.

Longer term, we would ideally like to see the return of Google Adwords data, alongside SEMRush. However, this adds great value to our existing customers, as our users can now access SEMRush data from within the platform and easily access Google Adwords traffic estimates from clicking here.

Analytics SEO would also recommend taking data from more than one source as a way of conducting due diligence on keyword choices. It is widely accepted that the trend data is the most accurate element of most keyword research tools, not volumes. Analytics data should always be used if available and often small AdWords spends to generate “real” data are always worthwhile if possible.

Hiding Scores & Topic Statuses

This has been one of the most requested features I have had over the last few months. Now the interface can be sanitised of scoring and status messages on the topics and this can be done on a user by user basis. This has two major benefits:

Scoring in a fairly generic way is a very challenging exercise as it depends on so many factors that are unique to the website and project. By removing this messaging you are able to harness the power of the software, but make your own judgement calls on the results. This is ideal for power users and highly experienced SEOs.

If the software is being used in a white label capacity or clients are accessing the software, then the reports are much more accessible for users that may not be knowledgeable in SEO. For example when critical errors are flagged the severity often will depend on the project and website. It is also important for the SEO to make a judgement call based on the project. There are scenarios where messages can be flagged as critical and could unnecessarily could alarm clients. With the new functionality stakeholders in projects can now login and check the progress of the project in a transparent way, without distraction from the alerts.

This has been one of the only factors that has prevented many more of our customers from utilising our white label platform. Please get in touch today if you would like us to set this up for you – if you are on either the Pro or Agency package then it can be done free of charge!

API Updates to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ & Scoring

The Analytics SEO API now accesses the Google+, Facebook and Twitter API to pull in social metrics on a domain. Our platform can automatically identify a domain’s social account by analysing the home page, return the data and incorporate it into a scoring system as part of popularity benchmarking.

The scoring has also been updated including weightings, logarithmic scales and much more sophisticated analysis of the metrics to produce more robust scoring. This will be updated more over coming months to make our API even better at enabling lightning quick benchmarking of a website’s SEO health.

Get in touch if you would like to either build a web application with our API or if you’re really busy (like we always are!), you can take the easy option and deploy our white label lead generation application to help automate pre-sales auditing and win new business.

If you would like to learn more or find out how ridiculously easy it is to deploy a shiny new web application on your site let us know today!

Improved Billing, Invoicing & Credit Card Support

Unfortunately this is not as exciting as the other updates, but we now offer enhanced support for annual billing, credit cards and manual invoicing.

Please get in touch with us any time if you would like any help regarding billing, version 4.2 / 4.3 or support in making the most out of the Analytics SEO software.

New Alerts Feature!

We are currently in the process of developing an exciting new alerts framework where you can be alerted about updates to your projects including rankings, job updates, link building, competitors, traffic performance, conversions and project management reporting. If I get my way it will even support Twitter!

This framework is still at an embryonic stage and we would really like to develop it in conjunction with your feedback. If you have any alerts or can think of any enhancements to make your life easier and automate tedious tasks please let us know!

Analytics SEO Website Redesign

Most noticeably, we have been working really hard on a new website re-design for our public website. We would really love some feedback, so please have a look around and let us know what you think!

Scheduled Reporting

You can now schedule all the reports you run regularly saving you even more time each month!

Simply add scheduled reports under the “Reports” tab by choosing the website, type of report, format, email address and frequency, then the platform will email your reports to you automatically.

Report weekly? Fear not you can also have the reports sent to you each week too!

Component Scoring Changes

Some eagerly requested changes to our scoring have been implemented the following components are now far less likely or no longer able to return critical warnings:

  • Page load time (if below 0.7 seconds)
  • Alexa Rank
  • PageRank
  • Pages Crawled
  • Pages Indexed
  • Indexed in Google / Bing / Yahoo Local
  • DMOZ Submission
  • Yahoo Submission
  • 301 Redirect
  • 302 Redirect
  • Long Meta Data

This means that warnings can still be given, but they are either disabled from going critical or are much harder to achieve. These changes have been made through customer feedback in common scenarios where websites have been flagged with critical problems, when on reflection warnings are sufficient for most situations.

They have also been used in scenarios such as indexed pages, where projects are difficult to judge without human input.

Analytics SEO Needs You!

We are committed to building a world class SEO platform at Analytics SEO, but we need your help!

Please let us know about any enhancements or features you would like to see and we promise we will do our best to make this happen in a future release. Is there a chart you are having to build manually for clients each month? Is there an idea you have had to automate mining link prospects? Simply email us via the feedback form or let us know via Twitter: @stevejlock or @analyticsseo.

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