Analytics SEO Version 4.4 / 4.5, Our API & The Future

After the success of our recent webinars, as promised we will be working hard to archive and publish as much information on them as we can – especially as we know how busy you all are…


The slides for the event are available here or can be viewed below:

Analytics SEO Version 4.4, 4.5, Our API & The Future v3


Here is a video recording from the webinar…


Hello & welcome to our first webinar aimed for customers.
I am Steve Lock from Analytics SEO

Today we will be talking about version 4.4, version 4.5, our API and some sneak previews into the product roadmap


I am the SEO Product Marketing Manager for Analytics SEO

This means I am responsible for internal marketing and product development, I also work closely with the sales team and pitch into other departments

I have worked in-house, agency-side, I’ve ran my own small business and I have been lucky enough to work with (and still work with!) some amazing brands

I am also part of the SEMPO Institute in the UK who have been involved with initiatives such as the UK Search Awards and popular SAScon conferences.


Today we are going to be speaking about:

Version 4.4

Version 4.5

Analytics SEO API

The Future


First up we will be talking through version 4.4 which we are hoping to release within the next 7 days

Without further a do we will be going through the features in more detail…


Editable Panels
This will be a really powerful feature as you will be able to customise every tab of the software and chose which components are displayed.

Competitor Rankings
This will be a really useful addition to our reports and particularly powerful for pitching and winning more SEO budget.

Video Content
The videos will be really useful as training and reference materials they cover everything including all components, different ways to use them and how to get up and running really quickly with the software.

Enhanced Credit Card Handling
Will save lots of time with billing admin type tasks.


Here you can see the editable panels options in the Dashboard tab.

This will be rolled out across every part of the system, as you can see you will be able to build custom configurations for each tab in the software.

This will save our customers lots of time as they will be able to hide components they don’t need.

I would expect this to be most powerful after the initial stages of working on a website – for example, you can audit, then fix lots of the main issues, then focus on the areas that matter the most moving forward such as link building and monitoring.


Competitive Rankings has been a very common feature request for as long as I can remember.

This will be great for pitches and using the platform to win more SEO budget.

There was a great case study I heard with a major car manufacturer where they benchmarked a number of their competitors that were clearly miles ahead of them in terms of SEO success in the SERP’s. This resulted in winning a huge amount of business to help close the gap against the better optimised competitors.


Sorry guys a silly slide snuck in – I couldn’t resist!

The credit card handling isn’t going to be the most interesting feature, however it will make common billing enquiries really quick and painless as you will be able to update your details yourself, without having to get in touch with us.


Now onto version 4.5

We are hoping to release this update within the next 28 days

This includes steps towards a number of major improvements planned for next year…


User Delegation
This first update will enable basic user level project management functions such as filtering and reporting on a users tasks or workload. This can also be exported into Excel to help planning / project management.

Link Building
Our current link building tools will have more control over the use of advanced search operators when mining for link data. There is also some exciting updates planned from Majestic SEO.

Social Media 

Activity Feeds
Consume account updates through Outlook / Thunderbird / Google Reader.

Keyword Suggestion
Automatic keyword generation to include detailed competitor data and long tail keyword research.


This screenshot shows the workload tab.

Initially a “User” column will be available to turn a filter on so you can drill down to a users tasks.

You will also be able to allocate and delegate tasks from both the task sections of the software as well as being able to create custom tasks.

This is the first step towards much more advanced project management features planned for early next year.


Initially our link building tools will be improved by allowing more control and higher quality results in the link building tab.

This will be done by allowing a better and more interactive use of advanced search operators used for the data mining of link prospects.

I have also had some exciting news hot off the press from Majestic SEO – but I can’t say too much or they would probably kill me!

Essentially Majestic SEO have the largest and freshest link data available, with pending updates they will also be enhancing the data available in their API and this will also benefit Analytics SEO.


Social Media functionality is currently only available via our API.

During the first phases of bringing social media into Analytics SEO there will be a focus on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Analytics SEO will be able to suggest social profiles for your competitors and provide metrics on accounts, based on ranking factors.

Data displayed will be consistent to the way that link building data is presented wherever possible.

Longer term there are some really exciting projects in the pipeline that will make the software powerful to use for both link building and monitoring conversations on major social platforms.


Here you can see the keyword research sources within the competitive position part of the software.

Currently we automatically generate keyword suggestions from your website, your competitors’ websites, Google Analytics (and Adwords), Google Webmaster Tools and you can, of course, upload keywords manually.

In version 4.5 we hope to add Google suggest scraping for long tail keywords and SEMRush for mining large volumes of competitor keywords (best automated methods for mining competitor and long tail keywords).

These new sources would make the tool far more powerful and its a step closer to being able to completely automate your keyword research.

In case you haven’t heard we have launched a number of projects recently built on the Analytics SEO API.

This section will explain an overview of how the API projects work and how you can benefit from the API.

You can also read about them on our blog.


The first project is

This is a demo site to show off some straightforward ways the API can be deployed for lead generation.

The site also has a demo section and all parts of the application can be re-branded, including the colour scheme and logo.

This can easily be used to drive more leads, user engagement and monetize leads on agency websites.

Our API for lead generation is something we can easily deploy with anyone who is interested.

There are also other opportunities to monetise traffic further in our next example.


SEOTrackz is a project launched by Touch Local built on the Analytics SEO API.

The mechanics work by driving traffic to landing pages where free instant audits can be generated. The website can also capture leads and upsell a premium SEO report.

These type of projects can also be built on the Analytics SEO API and are great for monetising leads from businesses that have small budgets, such as SME’s.


The future of Analytics SEO…

We have taken the business decision to drive the software forward based on customer feedback and input.


Common requests we have had include improvements to project management, on page SEO, social media and link building.

These areas are a strong focus for the next 3 months and we will be continuing to work closely with our customers to make sure we build a tool that people love.

It’s the perfect time to get in touch with us to let us know exactly what you want in the software to make your life easier and to automate repetitive tasks.


Thanks for listening. Please get in touch if there is anything you would like to ask or talk to us about…

Also please feel free to connect through any of the social media channels.

We will also be publishing content from the webinars as videos and blog posts.

Please let us know what you would like to see in future webinars.

Currently the plans are to hold a weekly webinar as an introduction to the software which will be good for new customers to learn more about how the software works.

I am hoping to hold webinars every 2 weeks to talk about the latest product updates. I would also like to offer webinars on different types of training and also invite special guests.

If you would like any particular topics covered, or if you would like to see a particular guest, please get in touch and we will try to include them in future webinars.

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