Analytics SEO Version 4 is Finally Here!

As promised we have been working very hard to include new features and enhancements to the software for all our loyal customers. The latest version of Analytics SEO is a landmark release which promises to offer better value for money with new pricing models, improved usability, a new user interface, performance enhancements and powerful new tools for managing keywords.

New Usage Based Pricing

We mentioned recently the pricing model was changing to make the software even more cost effective with fairer usage based pricing and now you can add a whopping 5 sites for the price of an individual site on our previous plan! 

The pricing is now bespoke so you are given generous allowances for each account with a perfect balance of flexibility, so if you need to use more you can be charged a small usage based fee and not be forced into upgrading to expensive packages you don’t need. For example you need to work with an extra 50 keywords or only one more additional site you are only charged a nominal fee and not forced to upgrade from a £99 package to a £299 package for example. This will save our users substantial amounts of money every month and enables users to choose the pricing model which suits them best.

This is great news for everyone, fairer pricing that will suit a majority of agency business models, helping keep costs low.

Details of the pricing are as follows (for the full details on the new packages please click here):

Usability / New User Interface

The most noticeable change (after realising you’re able to add lots of new sites to the software of course!) is the shiny new GUI designed over the last few months with one of the country’s top usability experts and our own internal team.

New Dashboard / All Sites Overview

This will enable panels to be customised and make the high level site information really quick and easy to access. Reports can also be run in seconds from this section and performance benchmarked across all of your projects. It makes navigating between both campaigns and websites a breeze. 

Component Drop Down Menus

These fancy new component drop down menus now make it really easy to find the tool you are looking for instantly. We love these so much we now can’t even imagine using the software without them!

Component Redesign / Collapsing Panels


One of my favourite new features of the software is the refresh to the design of the components making it really easy to navigate around each main tab. By default the components are collapsed displaying the titles so it makes scrolling and finding the component you are looking for far more intuitive. 

The expand icon in the top right hand corner enables you to expand all components and in future updates the panels will become more flexible, making the software even easier to use and focus on the tools you use the most.

Monitored Keywords / Keyword Research Tool


In the Monitored Keywords component within Competitive Position, there is  phase one of a new keyword research process we have implemented. 

In a really intuitive way keywords can now be collected then targeted into high priority keywords and segmented into groups.

This makes life really easy enabling you to conduct an exhaustive keyword research process, then select your most valuable keywords to drive monitor.

The Keyword Research tool automatically pulls through keyword suggestions from multiple sources, giving you piece of mind you aren’t missing any valuable keywords and saving many hours of tedious work in spreadsheets.  

There is still a little manual work, but major improvements are also on the roadmap for this new component and future releases will give you a highly efficient process that will save you many more hours and leave you wondering how you ever coped without it!

Two Tab Keyword Management Process


The new two tab process splits the workflow into presenting potential candidates for keywords to use in your campaign, taken from Google Analytics, competitors, Google Webmaster Tools, your own website and options to manually add keywords.

You can then review data on the keywords including organic rankings, visits, conversions, search volumes, competition and many other metrics. This can be filtered in the same manner many of our other tables can be, making the process quick and easy. The keywords can also be drilled down and filtered to only display new suggestions, branded keywords or specific groups. This first section can be used as a repository (and central point) for possible keywords for review at any point. 


After deciding keyword targets and adding them to monitored keywords, the keywords will have regular keyword ranking jobs created for them. This then relates to the new usage based pricing model and corresponds to your packages keyword allocation. For more information please click here.

Adwords API Integration

Analytics SEO now accesses the Google Adwords API directly, so can automatically pull in search volume data, which we have worked hard to implement. We know from speaking to our customers this has been a popular feature request and are pleased to have released this as part of Version 4.

Performance Improvements

On top of all the new and highly visible changes we are also continuing to invest in new servers and upgrading the infrastructure / site performance. This latest version is not only the most feature rich, but also the fastest and most stable version of Analytics SEO we have ever released!

More Information Coming Soon! 

As this has been such a major release (and far too much information to cram into just one blog post!) there will be a number of follow up posts scheduled over the next few weeks in more detail as well as tutorials to make sure you are able to get the most from the software.

We are committed to making this software the best and most automated SEO platform available. If you have any questions relating to the new changes please contact us at If you have any suggestions, feature requests or improvements we want to hear from you you. 

Alternatively please leave a comment or let us know your thoughts through Twitter via @stevejlock or @analyticsseo.

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  • Mediakoordinator
    11/08/2011 22:18

    Hi Stephen

    This was some bulk of an update. Really appricate the walkthrough and looking forward two play with the keyword research and management tool. And to add more sites;-)

    I won’t debate the pricing structure but it sure seems fair on ALL LEVELS.

    I must admit that I liked the colors on the old version better, but maybe it’s my own branded version I liked better. I like the dropdown menus – this gives a great and quick overview.

    I am experiencing some issues with deleting completed tasks in the Workloads task sections, but I guess it is being taken care of.

    Today, has you have 366 1st position rankings, including a vanity ranking like “beste norske seo” wich in translation is “best norwegian seo” 😉 Our clients are learning about the downsides with badly built CMS-es so we get more redesign jobs as well.

    You’ve made a tool that makes it easier to communicate the value and results of what we are doing. I really love that. Keep it coming.

    To all of you lurkers. Please join the commenting section. We need to hear from you. What do you think about this upgrade? Any skeptics, any praise?

    • Laurence
      11/08/2011 22:41

      Thanks Nickolass….this was a major update….and it’s great to see the software working so well for you.
      We’ll have to get a Norwegian version out soon 😉

    • Dear Nickolass

      Thanks for your kind words they are really appreciated and we have been working so hard to make this release the best to date.

      Please contact our support or call if there is anything we can do to help regarding the tasks.

      I look forward to hearing more from you and I am really glad your getting great results for your clients.

      Have a great weekend.



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