Analytics Version 4.4 Released!

Woohoo Analytics SEO Version 4.4 is finally here and has just been released!

As usual its been busy here at Analytics SEO with the launch of our new webinars, spending time with our clients on the product roadmap and even finding time to mingle with more SEOs than you can shake a stick at attending one of our favourite events, SAScon in Manchester.

In case you haven’t already registered with have some more webinars this week, including more details on Version 4.5 and 4.6, you can find all the details here. You can also view the archived webinars which has just been published on our blog.

Major announcements include the imminent revamp of our link building tools, the launch of our SEO agency lead generation tool –, competitive keyword rankings, editable panels and plans for social media metrics to be extended from our API into the Analytics SEO software. Its going to be a very busy Christmas period for us!

Version 4.4 has been another feature rich update of the back of our recent 4.2 and 4.3 updates, which in case you missed out the full details are here.

A quick overview of the updates are as follows:

  • Editable Panels
  • Competitive Rankings
  • Affiliate Scheme
  • Enhanced Credit Card Handling
  • Video Training Content

Editable Panels

This has been one of my favourite new features for a while, the edit panels functionality previously only available on the Dashboard has now been rolled out across all tabs.

This means that on Site Audit, Competitive Position, On-Site, Off-Site and SEO Results you can simply hit “Edit Panels” in the top right of the tab (pictured above), just below the menu to open a settings window that allows you to configure what is displayed on each tab.

This means you now have control to turn each tab in the software into a custom dashboard for each area of your campaign. Examples of how this can be used include:

  • Hiding components that are most relevant to the start of your campaign such as technical auditing issues that have been resolved.
  • Removing components that you deem to be unnecessary, such as analysis of local search for a global e-commerce project.
  • Hiding components that irrelevant to members of your team, such as new members of staff that are being trained.

Competitive Rankings

This has been one of the most requested features I can recall since working for Analytics SEO and its finally here! Competitive Rankings now allow you to benchmark your rankings against your competitors. This is highly recommended for pre-sales reports and pitching.

Your monitored keywords now also track rankings for your nominated competitors per campaign, this is checked weekly and will also track over time in both chart and table form.

You will be able to visualise competitive rankings by keyword and shortly we will also make scoring available to benchmark performance across all monitored keywords.

As all new components of this type it will take a while to collect data and populate; however this process has already started and I am sure this will become one of most popular components in no time.

Affiliate Scheme

Analytics SEO is also in the early stages of launching an affiliate scheme. This release sees the development work that is required to make this possible. We will be offering the best available commission rates in the market, so if you own a blog or want to recommend Analytics SEO to anyone now you can get paid!

Please get in touch if you would like to work with us. We only have a limited number of spaces for the launch of this and we will be offering some great launch offers for the partners that help us launch.

Enhanced Credit Card Handling

This is not the most exciting new feature, but probably the most useful Now you can update and edit your credit card details from inside the software. This allows your details to be updated instantly without the need for any unnecessary admin.

Video Training Content

A secret project we have been working on has been to create over 50 training videos to explain every component in the software in detail, including tips for how to make the most of Analytics SEO in your campaigns and save you the most amount of time!

This will be a fantastic way to learn the software inside and out, acting as a huge help for training clients and new members of staff.

Analytics SEO Needs You!

We are committed to building a world class SEO platform at Analytics SEO, but we need your help!

Please let us know about any enhancements or features you would like to see and we promise we will do our best to make this happen in a future release. Is there a chart you are having to build manually for clients each month? Is there an idea you have had to automate mining link prospects? Simply email us via the feedback form or let us know via Twitter: @stevejlock or @analyticsseo.

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