Automatically Submitting XML Sitemaps to Search Engines

Updating Website Sitemaps

Ideally you should have a process for ensuring your website sitemaps (html and xml) are updated every time you make changes to your site. Once these are updated you can wait for the search engines to come back and crawl you, download the sitemap and crawl the spidered pages.

Or, you can try and give them some friendly encouragement to come and spider these new or changed pages sooner by informing them that the sitemaps have changed. You can ‘ping’ each search engine to update them by simply copying and pasting the following code into a web browser (and hitting enter!). 

You will of course need to add your website address into the square brackets, e.g.

Google[your sitemap web address]

Bing (MSN/Live)[your sitemap web address]

Yahoo![your sitemap web address][your sitemap web address]


Please do let us know if you think we should list any more valuable resources here.

By: Laurie OToole

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