Average Website Metrics – Google Analytics Bounce Rate & Time on Site

Have you ever wondered whether your website’s bounce rate was good or bad?

Or whether you had a good ratio of branded to non-branded organic keyword visits?

Or whether your users spent longer on your site than average?

Well so have we!

So as the first small step of our Data Research Programme we have today published a feed of aggregated anonymised average Google Analytics website metrics.

This data is collected 24 x7 x 365 from our ever growing army of websites that are sharing their Google Analytics data with us anonymously and for statistical research and SEO product development purposes only.  In return they get a discount on the monthly cost of using Analytics SEO and the promise of better SEO tools and insights now and in the future.

The data published below is the first step in making good on that promise!

Average Website Performance Metrics

(Source: All websites listed on AnalyticsSEO using Google Analytics)


The table above shows you a daily feed from our live database of websites. Once this data has grown to say ten thousand or so websites, we plan to publish more segmented data so you can see the difference between small business websites, ecommerce websites and so on.

This data, when available, will be made available to our satisfied customers – so if you are interested sign up today (you’ll also get the bonus of having access to a great new set of SEO tools that will help you optimise your search engine optimisation process.

This page will be updated automatically daily, so do check back to see how it changes over time. Hopefully, the analytics metrics are self-explanatory.

Perhaps, one metric some readers may be less familiar with is ‘Brand engagement’.

Brand Engagement

‘Brand Engagement’ measures the percentage of organic visits that are for ‘brand’ keywords (such as Company name, domain name and so on) and ‘generic’ keywords.

Customers using AnalyticsSEO have the ability to instantly filter their Google Analytics organic traffic to separate out branded and non-branded organic keyword visits.

This table shows the percentage of organic search engine visits that started from a brand oriented keyword (this is typically the company or domain name or variants thereof).

Analytics SEO also gives you a detailed breakdown of this data for your websites, so you can see the number of branded and non-branded (generic) keywords generating visits to your website(s) compared to the numbers and proportions at the start of your SEO campaign.

Using this data you can see whether your SEO campaign results are being driven by genuine improvements in rankings and visits from your desired generic keywords, or whether your SEO campaign results are being skewed by other online and offline marketing activity.

For example, if you are running a large banner advertising campaign or email marketing campaign, you may see an increase in the volume of users searching for and clicking through to your site from the natural search engine listings using brand oriented keywords. By separating this data out, you can see the real improvement in generic non-branded keyword results as a result of your SEO campaign.

Further Website Analytics & SEO Research

This is just our first small step on the road to building a real-time repository of insights, research data and benchmarking statistics that our customers can use to build better websites, impress their colleagues and clients, and gain an edge over their competitors in the SERPs.

We aim to track real site visitors, via Google Analytics, against real SEO campaign activities across thousands of websites, so that together we can build a clear picture of which SEO tasks work most quickly and effectively.

This should help everyone prioritise tasks and make more accurate predictions about how long it will take for a website that needs optimization to see an improvement in its search engine rankings.

By signing up to Analytics SEO you will benefit from insider knowledge and benchmarking research and stats that will better arm you for your day to day battle in the SERPs.

Research Benefits of signing up for Analytics SEO

  • Anonymously share non-sensitive data for the common good
  • Get access to useful data to compare the performance of your website
  • Find responsive link prospects faster than ever before
  • Discover which SEO activities really deliver results across thousands of websites

Anyway, that’s the plug over!

If you are interested in finding out more about the aims of our research then get stuck in!

If you want to participate then signup a minimum of one website today.

And if you have any observations or suggestions as to what you would like to see then please get in touch or comment below.

By: Laurie OToole

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