BrightonSEO- April 2019

BrightonSEO, the UK’s biggest SEO event is just a few weeks’ away! Still haven’t been able to get yourself a ticket. Well don’t worry, we have a backup plan up our sleeve…

Our team will be Live Streaming all the talks from the main stage! You can SIGN-UP here and we shall send you the link to our live stream on the day, which means a stress-free day for you as you’ll be able to watch the whole event from the comfort of your home or office. 

We are also excited to announce that we shall be holding a Q&A session again this year with the main speakers throughout the day! Follow our Twitter to find out more.

If you want to send us a question to ask our speakers, then send us a question by commenting below or using the Twitter hashtag #AskBSEO! 

Don’t forget to share our registration link so you can make sure none of your friends or work colleagues are missing out on such an amazing event. Join our Facebook Event to stay in the loop and also be able to ask questions or notify us of any problems on the day!

Here is all you have to look forward to on the day on the Live Stream:

Welcome: 10:00 with Kelvin Newman

Snippets & Schema: 10:05 with…

Izzie Smith– Driving ‘meaningful’ clicks with enriched SERPs.

Emily Potter– Featured Snippets- the achievable SERP feature.

Kenichi Suzuki– A Structed Data Case Study- how to make your websites stand out in search. 

First Break: 11:15

Onsite: 11:45 with…

Christoph C. Cemper– Improve your rankings with Internal Link Building, and no headaches.

Fili Wiese-Why I adore Sitemaps, an ex-Google engineer’s love story.

Razvan Gavrilas– Building an SEO exponential growth model by closing Your content gaps.

Lunch: 13:00 

Competitor Research: 14:30 with…

Paola Didone– Competitor Analysis: a scientific method.

Rachel Finch– Kick ass competitor research.

Alexandre Sigoigne– How you should build your new etail content strategy based on SERP and competitive analysis. 

Second Break: 15:45

Future of Search: 16:10 with…

Marcus Tober– Huge SEO success stories and what we can learn from them.

Chris Liversidge– How to Drive Site SEO Impact in Google’s New, Linkless Algorithm.

Patrick Reinhart– Forget Alexa, the voice search devices of the future. 

Final Break: 17:15

Keynote– 17:30 with John Mueller– Google Q&A

There is so much to be expecting on our Live Stream. I hope you are as excited as well are! If you can’t watch our Live Stream on the day or just want to go back over the talks including previous talks check out our YouTube channel and website, everything is on there! 

Looking forward to seeing you all in Brighton or on the Live Stream.

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