Competitive Link Quality

Analytics SEO tutorial video on the Competitive Link Quality component.

[youtube id=”wjUSP3Nit5Y”]

It can often be a good starting point with any link-building to look at the links your competitors are getting. This component will assess the quality of your links in contrast to the quality of your competitors’ backlink profiles. The quality scoring is based on MajesticSEO’s AC rank.

As you can see, the data is displayed in this dynamic bar chart. To enable you to get an idea of the proportionate comparison of the quality of your site versus those of your competitors, you can use these filters within the chart legend to remove some of the lower quality links or the unknown links.

Unknown links, by the way, are the ones where we haven’t yet pulled detailed data through using MajesticSEO’s API. We can pull detail on a maximum of 50,000 backlinks at a time. You can set such limits within the Usage reporting section of the My Sites area of the system.

As with all charts on the system, this dynamic bar chart is no different in that you can download it individually as a PNG or SVG graphic file or export it as part of a standard or custom report in PDF or PPT formats.

However, beyond showing you the overall quality of your links versus those of your competitors, we actually show you a lot more detail behind this Optimise button.

Here you can filter by individual competitors and see which domains they are currently getting backlinks from. You can also filter by sub-folders in order to gain an idea of any particular area of a website a competitor may be focussing on. And, you can also see the anchor text they are using for their backlinks which may give you an idea of their targetted keyphrases.

In order to select a particular domain as a link prospect, simply click on this green icon here and you will be presented with a pop up which will simply confirm you want to target a particular domain. Click on Yes and it will add this as targetted domain and this will be instantly reflected in the Link Building Progress component which is where we check and report on whether that domain has become live with a backlink to your site.

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