Configure Website Analytics Software

Analytics SEO tutorial on the Configure Website Analytics Software component.

This component is here to check whether your campaign has been setup correctly so the system can import Google Analytics data.

We use Google Analytics data in about 24 out of the 98 individual components within the software, so whilst not absolutely essential, it is extremely useful to do this.

To configure Google Analytics, you can either do this by clicking on the Optimise tab here and entering your Google Analytics username and password and your GA profiles willl appear in this window. Simply select the relevant one and the system can begin to pull data through.

The other way to configure Google Analytics is to use the campaign setup wizard. Simply go My Sites, click on the blue edit icon to access your campaigns and select one of these icons to edit the campaign in question. Go to Step 4. Here you can either enter your username and password as before and select a profile. Or you can setup with read-only access to your GA data within your Google Analytics account and once you’ve done this, simply select this option, enter the tracking ID which will usually begin ‘UA-‘. Click on Test. And you’re done. Follow the wizard through to the end and save the changes.
The system will then begin to import Google Analytics data through the API. We do this every day for your site and it does provide you with valuable SEO insights when you mix this data with the other sources of data built within the software. We have plans to add integration with other analytics tools, so watch this space!

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