Configuring your Website Analytics Software to Work with our SEO Tools

If you, like thousands of other website owners, use Google Analytics behind your website to analyse your site visitors and traffic; then we have got some good news for you.

Analytics SEO is a new online service that integrates with Google Analytics and uses a daily feed of data from Google Analytics to help you run more effective search engine optimisation campaigns.

We start our SEO campaigns focusing on the keywords and phrases that are already bringing you visitors.  By integrating Google Analytics into Analytics SEO you keep up to date not just with the keywords which are bringing you traffic; but the keywords that have high potential to bring you even more traffic.  Our SEO tools take your Google Analytics data and give you insights into how you can best optimise your website.

From this starting point you can start to look at keywords you are not yet ranking for. You can benchmark your website against competitors that are ranking for these keywords and start to optimise your site to rank better for these terms.

Analytics SEO helps you do this in a step-by-step logical fashion; making it easy for you to manage your SEO campaign whether you are a seasoned SEO veteran or a newcomer looking to do most of the work for your website yourself.  Add Google Analytics to the mix, and Analytics SEO gets even more powerful.

But you do not need to have Google Analytics installed on your website to benefit from using the Analytics SEO project management tools.  It just helps!

At the moment, the only website statistics software that Analytics SEO integrates with is Google Analytics.  However, we are keen to expand the number of software solutions we integrate with; so if you do have a different analysis package on your website, then please do contact us and we’ll prioritise it for integration.

In the meantime, why not set up your site on Analytics SEO anyway; and see how far you can get without the full integration with your web tracking software.

By: Laurie OToole

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