New modules: Organic Conversions & E-Commerce Transactions!

We’ve re-designed the old Goal Conversions module and split it into two modules now! Before, it would have shown a user simply the total goals and transactions over time.

We decided this wasn’t as useful as it could be and we had a lot of customers asking us to show a breakdown over time by individual goals, so we decide to revamp the Organic Goal Conversions module and design a completely new E-Commerce Transactions module.

The *NEW* Organic Goal Conversions module

Organic Goal Conversions

If you’re running or managing a “brochureware” or informational site, then you’re probably only going to be interested in using this module, rather than both this and the E-Commerce module.

This now gets all the goal data you’ve setup in Google Analytics and reports on changes over time. So, now, if you want to analyse the changes in the number of newsletter subscribers, e-book or whitepaper downloads, page visits, etc., you can do this very easily! Handy, eh? :n)

The *BRAND NEW* E-Commerce Transactions module

E-Commerce Transactions

Tracking revenue and transactions (or sales) over time can obviously be a key indicator as to how successful your SEM campaigns are becoming. You’ll notice that the chart in this module now allows you to track both! Again, as with most of the other charts in this section of the software, you can select whether you want the data presented as a line or column chart.

As always, we’re happy to receive any customer feedback on either these modules or any other aspect of the platform, so by all means keep sending those feature requests in and we’ll do our best to get them included in the product roadmap.

By: Matt O’Toole, Customer Experience Manager at Analytics SEO

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