Custom 404 Page

Analytics SEO tutorial video on the Custom 404 Page component.

[youtube id=”2bUfXCKcUCI”]

This component simply checks whether we can find a custom 404 page on your site.

If we can find a 404, then this component will show a score of 100%. If not, you will most probably see a score of 0%.

If you click on the Optimise tab, you will be presented with some initial advice as to how deal with old or obsolete pages on your site. For example, you can see here some suggestions – providing a sitemap or an internal searchbox to help your users find what they want. We also provide some advice on what not to do.

And if you need some advice as to how to put a nice creative or funny 404 page, then you might want consider looking at sites like here which provides some examples of good ones.

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