Dead Links – 4XX (Client Errors)

A tutorial on the Analytics SEO 4XX component.

This component will check for dead links. It is covered as part of our weekly deep crawl of your site, which is why you will notice the 7 day gap here between these two dates.

However, in contrast to some of our competitor’s products, we actually show you what our crawler has found or what deadlinks Google WebMaster Tools has identified.

In order to see this raw data, simply click on the Optimise button. This will open up a table showing the target page, the referring pages, the actual error code and the source of the data – AnalyticsSEO here refers to our own spider and GoogleWebMaster Tools refers to data we’ve pulled through the WebMasterTools API.

You can click on the dead link to verify it is indeed producing a 4xx type error. If you have these issues resolved before the next crawl is conducted, you can simply delete these pages from this table. You can also export this table as an Excel spreadsheet and send it over to a webmaster, for example, in order to have these issues resolved.

And again, of course, you can add notes here and mark the task status accordingly.

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