Duplicate, Missing, Long and Short Meta Data

Analytics SEO tutorial on the Missing, Short, Long and Duplicate meta data components.

This component will provide you with detailed analysis of your meta data issues on your site. The front end provides you with some summary analysis of any identifiable problem areas and the backend table (accessible by clicking on the green Optimise button) will identify specific issues with each individual URL on your site.

So if you click on that Optimise button, you are presented with this table. Here you can examine, in particular, any issues with title tags and meta descriptions. For example, you may want to use the system to filter by duplicate title tags or missing meta descriptions. It is important to look at these issues, as title tags are considered to be a significant ranking factor in most search engines’ algorithms and meta descriptions can help with maximising click through rates if they are optimised correctly.

Whether you want to optimise all your H1 headers is perhaps a more debatable point and indeed, there are some theories that having empty meta descriptions isn’t necessarily a bad thing as Google will fill that part of the SERPs with what it considers to be the most relevant content from your page. Still, it is up to you what on-site optimisation strategy you employ.

We also provide a 1-3 star filter here to help you to quickly identify the worse offending pages if you happen to have a lot of data in this table. And again, this table, as with all tables, can be exported as an Excel spreadsheet.

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