Email Marketing – 3 Key Elements To Implement

This week we had two great speakers, Sarah Marks and Maret Reutelingsperger share some of their favourite tips and tricks when it comes to email marketing. If you missed the session you can catch up by watching the video, reviewing the slides, and reading Sarah’s key things to implement for email marketing below:

Laying foundations, building & nurturing an engaged audience

1. Tech stack & Must-Haves: 

  • Automation – I would never go without this one. There is nothing more worthwhile than simple automation as part of your tech stack. Your team and your community is going to benefit and the ROI is clear!
  • Editor – Choose a robust editor that is easy to use and lets you design effectively and quickly. Follow industry best practice and ensure accessibility though! (Email on Acid, Hubspot and are some of my favourite tools and they have great content and ‘how to’s available!)
  • Easy implementation into website – Pop-ups, hosted forms, etc. Ensure that you don’t need a developer to implement any little change.

2. Building an engaged audience with email: 

  • The numbers game is hurting your strategy more than you think. Choose KPIs that showcase the health and engagement levels of your audience – it’s about more than just numbers! 
  • When & how do you ask for sign-up matters! Ask yourself: How engaged is the visitor right now? It is directly linked to the value of each subscriber. 
  • Test and try out different ways of asking visitors. Keep UI/UX best practice in mind.

3. Nurturing your community: 

  • Welcome sequence – Automated welcome sequences are a real quick win, subscribers are immediately contacted and you can build on that positive impression that has led to the sign-up in the first place. This is a good time to introduce your company and let them know what they can expect from you. (The amount of companies not using this tactic is staggering!)
  • Re-engagement (keeping lists clean and KPIs healthy) – Ensures GDPR compliance and keeps KPIs strong. This is a great chance to re-enage contacts and win them back!
  • Celebrating milestones – Their ‘sign-up-versary’, a new product launch or first dibs on seats for webinars and workshops are great opportunities to nurture your relationship with your audience.

And a few extra email tips:

  • Start simple, test & test some more, then build what works for you.
  • Re-educate senior management using KPIs that matter.
  • Got an email you loved? Keep a folder for inspiration!

Thanks again Sarah for your insight! If you want to look at more tips Sarah why not read her tips on How to Build a Community Around Your Brand? If you enjoyed this summary, why not sign up to Tea Time SEO, or subscribe to our YouTube Channel and you’ll never miss a talk again!

Image Credit: Photo by Andrew Teoh on Unsplash

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