Google Analytics Releases Public API

At last just what we have been waiting for…the Google Analytics team at the Googleplex have released the public API into Google Analytics.

So what? Well at last we can automatically integrate data from your analytics and reporting system into our search engine marketing software, which means you can get an integrated view of the whole SEO marketing process in one place.

This means you can manage your search engine optimisation campaigns in the same manner as you would any other marketing process, fro start to finish.

It allows us to continually monitor and report on the effectiveness of our SEO projects and make refinements or plan new activity to help increase the prominence of your site in search engines.

With the addition of the Google Analytics API we can finally launch a complete online SEO Project Management software that helps you plan and execute cost effective online search engine marketing strategies.

This is how it works.

Simply create an account; sign-up now it’s free to trial (at the moment).

Once you have created your account enter the website you want to optimise.

Now key in your Google Analytics email address and password.

We will then start to do some clever stuff…

– Spider your site and complete an initial site audit for you

– Setup a data feed of your website data from Google Analytics

– Automatically assess your best performing keywords and pages

– Highlight the highest potential relevant keywords in terms of traffic and/or sales conversions

– Checkout your competition for you to see how you compare

– Suggest objectives for your first SEO campaign based on real metrics

– Look at On-Site Optimisation factors that may be impacting your rankings

– Look at Off-Site Optimisation factors that may be impacting your rankings

– Produce a list of tasks and external link prospects

And then my friends, our ‘piece de resistance’….

We present all these facts and data back to you in sensible, digestible bite-sized chunks in our SEO Project Management workload tool.

This contains a whole list of tasks grouped by topic (Keywords, Content, On-site Optimisation, Technical tasks and so on) and a list of external link prospects that are specific to your site and your competition.

You can then use this SEO Project Manager to help you keep track of your SEO campaign.

It will tell you what you have done and when; what you still need to do and most importantly you can easily relate your SEO activity to results from Google Analytics.

With the Google Analytics integration we have closed the loop and now we have a marketing process for optimising your position in search engines.

Feel free to give it a try, it’s free to sign-up (at the moment).

By: Laurie OToole

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