Google Update May 2013 for Business Owners

Google Update May 2013 for Business Owners

Penguin update

For small to medium business owners Google’s latest Penguin 2.0 update could be the cause of much demise in your search rankings. And if you are like many small to medium business owners who rely on these search rankings for business you’ll probably be scratching your head wondering what the heck a Penguin has done to your rankings.

Let’s start from the logical point of view.

As a customer to Google, you the searcher want amazing results every time you use the search engine. Otherwise you would start to use another one, of which there are hundreds. To determine what is good content Google was looking at a number of factors which included how many people linked to the website. At first this seemed like a good way for Google to second guess the popularity of a website.

That was until it became evident that it was and still is possible to buy thousands of links on websites like this pushed spam filled websites to the top of Google, undermining the user experience and so Google had to take action.

There have been a few updates in the last couple of years, but the latest Penguin 2.0 has targeted the following SEO tactics which inflate websites’ popularity:

  • Paid text links using exact match anchor text.
  • Comment spam.
  • Guest posts on questionable sites.
  • Article marketing sites.
  • Links from dangerous sites.

You’ll notice many of these services are cheap on certain websites and as a small to medium business owner affordable if you were not to know otherwise.

The old saying “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.” olds true to SEO.

Don’t kick yourself if you have bought “BACKLINKS from 5000 Comment links to Your URLs” for $12. Just be aware you will probably be penalised for this.

As a SEO company in Vancouver we use Analytics SEO to help monitor daily our clients SEO rankings. The software has provided an excellent platform to provide our clients a clear easy to understand reporting which shows any effects the new Penguin 2.0 may have had.

Our advice to them and any other small to medium sized businesses are to look into their link profile. If your website is a few years old and you may have hired someone to do your SEO before, it’s worth knowing what websites are linking to you. This can be done neatly through Analytics SEO.

Here are my four pillars for SEO recovery after Penguin 2.0

  • Publish amazing content about your sector or service, you’re the best right? So why not share that. The quality of site content is the single most important key to a successful website. Google’s Matt Cutts often sounds like a track on repeat, when he discusses the value of great sites with excellent content.
  • Gain reputable, credible, and authoritative inbound links. Links have been and will be important for the foreseeable future. Links are the great battleground of the search engine algorithm changes. Why? Some SEOs, in an effort to boost a page’s presence on the SERPs, would build thousands of spammy backlinks. The more links, the better, right? Wrong. The algorithms figured out which sites don’t deserve credibility, and distinguishes them from the ones that are truly valuable.
  • Maintain activity on social networks. Social signals are growing in importance. Your business depends on the very people that are active on the social networks. Be there for them.
  • Ensure perfect onsite SEO best practices. Insist on perfection as far as your website is concerned — everything from your robots.txt to your keyword saturation needs to be in order. If you need help on this, consult with an SEO expert.

Remember don’t panic. If you have dropped in the search rankings you can make it by using real white hat SEO. If an SEO company is offering super cheap SEO services remember to stay clear!

By: Christian Thomson

photo credit: Sidereal via photopin cc

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  • Anonymous
    04/07/2013 09:28

    I’ve seen lot of websites lost their traffic by 50%.. Thanks for sharing recovery options Thomson

  • Anonymous
    14/07/2013 04:42

    Thanks for sharing the post recovery method after penguin as they are so much needed after dreadful algorithm update


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