How Good Is Your SEO?

How Good Is Your SEO? is our exciting lead generation tool. It went live over a year ago now at the end of 2011 and in this time it has generated thousands of leads for our customers. In 2012 we estimate that it generated over 20,000 leads for our customers.

The concept of How Good Is Your SEO is really rather simple; it produces a basic SEO Report on any domain entered and it does this within seconds. It’s therefore an accessible introduction to the industry for those managing their own sites, whilst also providing managers with strong leads in terms of people who are already interested in the state of their SEO. For owners/managers of small business it’s a good introduction of the simple steps that they can take in managing their own SEO.

To generate your own report simply visit the tool here. If you’re interested in more detailed SEO reporting then take a look at our SEO Tool and signup for a free account.

The report is generated within seconds and is loaded on screen as well as being sent in PDF form to both the user and the manager of the tool; giving you a powerful conversation starter should you wish to follow up with these leads. The tool gives a general overview of a number of factors before drilling down into them.

Keywords – giving an idea of the visibilty of your site in terms of the keyword that you have provided.

Keywords - report

Content – provides data on the amount of content indexed by and

Content - report

Technical – reports on some of the fundamental aspects in setting up a website to ensure that you’ve got the basics right.

Technical - report

Popularity – reports on the position of your domain in terms of social media presence: on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Popularity - report

How Good Is Your SEO is available on a number of our packages, in some cases it can also be white labeled. The tool is now generating between 2,000 – 2,500 leads a month for our customers. If you’re interested in hosting the tool on your site then please get in touch!

By: Anna Champ

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