How the Google Analytics API Data feed can help your SEO

Google Analytics API

We love Google Analytics.  It’s free. It’s easy to integrate into your website.  You can configure it to report on specific goals like contact form submissions or sales.  If you choose the latter you can even report on your return on investment from your website and online marketing campaigns.

Most of all we love it because it exposes a useful API which allows us to take a feed of your key reporting data into your AnalyticsSEO account.  

We can then combine your website status with our own SEO tools and create a process that allows us to monitor all your site’s key metrics as well as all your SEO metrics.

We firmly believe that to make your website useful and loved by visitors and search engines then you need to continuously update and improve it.  You need to focus on producing great content or tools or both.

Having a constantly updating feed of real visitor data from your website helps you manage your search engine optimisation campaigns like you would any other marketing process.  You no longer need a pile of different spreadsheets and reports, you can access all the vital information you need in one place, any time from any where.

Which Key Metrics Should You Look at for your Website?

The exact key performance indicators worth measuring will of course vary from site to site; depending upon the nature of the site and the purpose of the site.  

For example:

A brochure site for a company may just want to track visits from its online marketing campaigns and from search engines and what percentage complete an enquiry form

A community site may be more interested in how many new and returning visitors it gets every month and how long they spend on site

An e-commerce site, in a competitive area, might want to know its conversion rates for different marketing campaigns and products, as well as seeking a valuable insight into how it compares to its online competitors.

Here are just a few examples of some of the key site metrics that Google Analytics provides and that we take in its daily feed for your site.  

We combine these metrics with our own SEO metrics in the SEO Marketing Process to ensure that you have one complete view of the effectiveness of your website and your organic search engine optimization campaign.

Key Website Metrics

Number of visitors

Absolute Unique Visitors

New Visits

Visits (Split paid v non-paid)

Page Views

Average Page Views

Bounce Rate

Time on Site

Goal 1 Completions

Goal 1 Starts

Goal 1 Value

Goal 2 Completions

Goal 2 Starts

Goal 2 Value

Goal 3 Completions

Goal 3 Starts

Goal 3 Value

Goal 4 Completions

Goal 4 Starts

Goal 4 Value

Setting Up Google Analytics for SEO & PPC Campaigns

If you run pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns please read our specific advice on correctly setting up your Google Analytics account to measure Yahoo and Bing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns.

If you do run PPC campaigns on the major search engines then Google Analytics incorrectly records click-through visitors from Yahoo and Bing as organic non-paid search engine visits; it of course records visitors from Google AdWords PPC campaigns correctly.  This will skew your reports and makes showing your real free natural organic traffic from search more difficult.

Read this SEO Blog post: "Setting up Google Analytics to measure Yahoo and Bing (MSN) Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ad campaigns".


By: Laurie OToole

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