Webinar: How to get content marketers interested in link building

Most of us are aware of the challenges that we face with when we try to get SEOs and content markets to understand each other.

Some people believe that it’s SEO versus content marketing. Others think that SEO is dead and that content marketing is the future.

However, the progressive ones among us understand that SEO has evolved into a discipline that also incorporates website performance, site usability and both brand and personal authority building. Moving into 2016, SEO is part of content marketing and content marketing is part of SEO.

Here’s a recent webinar that I hosted on how to get content marketers interested in link building:


During this webinar recording I review:

  • How to integrate SEO and content marketing into an effective, cohesive campaign
  • Why it is essential that we educate content marketers on the merits and value of link building – and how to do it
  • How to measure the impact of content marketing activities in relation to SEO

I also discuss the challenges that SEOs and content marketers face with understanding each other’s raison d’être, and how SEOs can help to educate content marketers on the merits and value of link building.

The recording should help content marketers to technically measure how impactful their activities are, and help organisations to integrate their organic marketing activities.

It’s aimed at SEOs who are struggling to involve their marketing departments in what they do on a day-to-day basis.

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