I Liked The Software So Much I Joined The Company…

I am very excited to announce that I have just joined the friendly team at Analytics SEO as SEO Product Marketing Manager to develop the software and help push the product to new audiences. 

I thought it would be awesome to write a very personal blog post as I could have written about; “101 of the best…”, “ANOTHER panda update post (jeeesus)” or even an infographic on “The ultimate guide to <something rather dull>” (for those of you that like that kind of thing don’t worry they are all being pencilled in for a later date! 😉

My story before Analytics SEO

The chances are many of you wouldn’t have heard of me, as I have been generally low profile in terms of my own blogging, social media activity and engaging with the SEO community. To my regret, historically I’ve prioritised almost all of my professional time working with clients and I’ve been a bit like “the builder who never gets around to fixing his fence”, which as SEO’s we know this is an incredibly ironic reality for many! 

For those of you who do know me, you will (hopefully) know me as one of the most passionate people in search, I’ve been addicted, obsessedintrigued, fascinated about SEO for many years. From my diverse professional experience I have became a solid all-rounder as an SEO and feel blessed to be a part of this amazing industry. The irony is my strengths in search transferred into other industries would probably get me accused of being too diverse!

My first exposure to search was in around 2003 working for a small start up for a number of years, where I then fell out of search for period where I completed my degree, worked for a number of large corporate companies and start ups, before realising my terrible mistake and returning again to search. 

I ran my own small business for 2 years,  then worked agency-side with some of the worlds largest brands up until I was approached to join Analytics SEO. I am also a proud member of the SEMPO Institute, here in the UK where I am fortunate enough to be in touch with some of the most experienced and well respected people in the search industry.

Myself, like all SEO’s, have previously flirted with career choices often weighing up the pro’s and con’s for either in-house or agency careers, when I was lucky enough to be offered this unique opportunity at Analytics SEO. It’s one of the only SEO software companies I would have considered working for, bar that good looking American guy with the beard or the guys in Britain with the awesome link data 😉

So now I get to be one of the lucky few who gets to shape (and play with) some of the best tools available in SEO!

The (almost) impossible dream…

I am sure I am not the only SEO that has dreamed of coming into work and use just one tool instead of running over 20 then having to hack and splice results together in Excel or Word! For me and many others its by far the worst part of the job and a royal PITA. During my professional experience I tested many different solutions and found from experience many tools are unreliable, inaccurate, have terrible customer support, or simply as SEO can be complex you need many tools that each do one thing very well…

Cheesy as it may sound (as now I am obviously pretty biased!), the closest solution I found was Analytics SEO as it offered heavy use of automation, comprehensive site auditing, solid project management, scalability and almost definitely the World’s best auto-generated SEO reports. It was my preferred recommendation for around the last 6 months or so, particularly for teams that include people that are inexperienced, non-technical or new to search.

It also integrates seamlessly into Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, which although not perfect, seasoned SEO’s know this is where some of the most fundamental data comes from, when there is so much data and so many metrics that are far from ideal (Google that even includes you, with your dodgy PageRank Toolbar metrics!). 

We can’t make the worlds most awesome SEO tool without your help! (This means you!)

Despite my love for the Analytics SEO software, as with any software it isn’t perfect. This is why I strongly welcome all feedback, feature requests and promise to make the tool as awesome, reliable and automated as possible; with an aim to making our customers lives stress free and as profitable as possible! There are a plethora of exciting new features coming, but mentioning them would spoil the surprise 😉

Please submit any feedback or feature requests by clicking here, and I look forward to connecting with people on LinkedIn or Twitter, @analyticsseo and @stevejlock. 

This will be the first of many blog posts, please also feedback any areas you would like us to include in our editorial schedule!



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