If you have lots of different websites, should you be concerned about linking between them?

We recently published a webinar special, looking into the challenges with International SEO and how that impacts areas such as website structure, content and brand strategy.

Today we’re zeroing in on one of the topics discussed as part of the webinar: If you have lots of different websites, should you be concerned about linking between them?

Jump straight this question in the webinar video below:

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DAVID BAIN: Michael F, in relation to hosting and linking, I’m thinking. Do you think that, if you’re moving into a different country, you should actually try and have a host for your website within that country? If you do have multiple hosts for your different websites, should you be concerned about inter-linking between your different websites?

MICHAEL FLEISCHNER: Well, let me start with the second question first. I think inter-linking is always a good thing, especially if you are trying to reinforce your brand, build up link equity and authority. Especially when you have a more seasoned website and you’re launching newer websites, specifically linking out to those websites is certainly recommended. The first question around hosting, that is a question that I think we’ve all been asking ourselves for probably the last ten years, and there are really mixed results, at least from my perspective.

I know that, in some countries, having a local IP does make a difference. I know we were talking about Australia earlier. I’ve done work with a lot of companies in Sydney in particular, and whenever possible, we do try to have local hosting. The reality is, hosting today is a worldwide phenomenon. Even if you’re in the US, you rent space on a GoDaddy server, that server isn’t necessarily sitting in Texas, or wherever they have one of their locations. It could be in the UK. It could be in Iceland. We were talking about Iceland before we jumped on the call.

I think it’s become less important. However, if you are, let’s say, operating a small business, and Michael B was talking about this earlier. If you have a small business in Poland, and it’s really targeted to that local market, then by all means, you should have, I believe, a local hosting account. But if you are an international company, I just don’t think it has the impact that it used to. So probably being less focused on the hosting piece for your larger brands. But as you get smaller, and you have a smaller presence, I would recommend local hosting when it’s available.

Remember to watch the full international SEO webinar recording here.

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