International Search Summit Barcelona – Interview with Daiana Damacus

Daiana Damacus is Social Media Manager at Webcertain. She will be speaking at International Search Summit in Barcelona in November. A well travelled and experienced professional she shares her tips when working across international markets.

How do you draw on personal experience for adapting your message for different markets?

Using my personal experience to adapt the strategy comes really easy to me because I’ve lived in a multicultural world all my life. I think a lot Romanian millennials are very knowledgeable about the world beyond their borders and immerse themselves in different cultures through entertainment, travel, language studies and making foreign friends through school programmes. Living in the UK has only increased my interactions with people from different cultures as I’ve made friends and had colleagues from all over the world both as a student and as a professional. It can be as simple as having genuine conversations with people from different countries and building relationships with them. I speak five languages, and I always try to know a bit more about the countries whose languages I speak than about others. I love travelling to South Korea, for example, and living as a local, trying to speak in Korean and behave the same way they do rather than be just a tourist. I even had to learn how the system for trash collection in Seoul works once. 

Can you give us a sneak peak into a campaign that worked well by adapting your approach?

Probably the best example is one I will mention at ISS. We worked with South Korean influencers for a luxury ecommerce brand and the first time we tried it, it was a bit of a fiasco. We were following the normal process we follow with influencers, so we had to take a step back and I thought to myself, ‘okay, you know most Korean influencers are your age and you know where Koreans your age like to spend their time online. Why aren’t you trying to find them there?’ So we tried again, this time stepping outside of the comfort zone and it worked.

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Can you share with us some examples of what went wrong when companies use the same generic approach across markets?

The biggest thing that can go wrong is being rejected by an influencer. The most obvious reason is pricing: we’ve gone into markets with a budget of hundreds of dollars (because that price was fine in other markets), and received back media kits that started at a couple thousand minimum. Now, if you’re not prepared for that, your entire influencer project can go down the drain in a second.

How can someone who has not worked across different markets learn about this approach without making mistakes?

I don’t think learning about it is as easy as attending a webinar or a course. Trends change really quickly in every single country so you’d have to be constantly learning. Knowing a market comes with experience, so the best way is to do your research at a certain moment in time and update it regularly. The biggest misstep I see brands making is not conducting any market research prior to starting a project. They have an idea in mind of the perfect influencer or customer and are then shocked they don’t exist where they are going.

Can you share 3 important things the audience will leave from attending your session.

They’ll learn what they need to be flexible with when negotiating with influencers, what they need to look out for to find a good influencer and some crucial things they need to research about each market before jumping in.

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Thank you Daiana for taking part in the interview. We cannot wait to see you at International Search Summit in Barcelona. We are able to offer 10% off the price of the ticket, please use the code AUTH10 when purchasing from the site .

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