Interview with Kelvin Newman

If you can cast your mind back to September you may be able to remember BrightonSEO*, as well as sponsoring and exhibiting at BrightonSEO this year we also cornered a few of the many illustrious personages present and filmed interviews with them.

The videos are now ready to go live, and we’re delighted to finally be able to share them with you. To kick off we’re sharing an interview with the main man himself, Mister Kelvin Newman, without whom BrightonSEO simply wouldn’t be. In this interview we pick his brains about some pressing aspects of SEO including linkbuilding, breaking into the SEO industry and outsourcing, as well as discussing the phenomenon that is BrightonSEO. Enjoy!

Over the coming days we’ll be publishing more of these videos so be sure to check back to make sure you don’t miss any! To be extra sure you might like to follow us on Twitter and Facebook (it’s better to be safe than sorry).

*The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that it is now nigh on 3 months since BrightonSEO, wherefore the wait you may be wondering – well not all of the SEOs we interviewed were as photogenic as Mr Newman and as such they required a lot of touching up before they were ready to be publicly viewed. In addition to this video editing can take some time, especially with all the potty-mouthed SEOs that we were interviewing…

But in all seriousness, it simply took a lot longer than we expected – we’d shot over 5 hours of footage, and it just took a long time to get this organised into something even resembling bite size chunks. We learnt a lot about video editing in the process and we’d be much better prepared were we to undertake a similar task again. In fact we may – once we have recovered from this experience – write a post on the lessons that we learnt in this process.

By: Anna Champ

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