TWIO-11: Is there really just one metric that matters for content marketing?

This is the eleventh episode of, ‘This Week In Organic’, the weekly show that debates the ramifications of the latest SEO and content marketing news.

In this episode, the subjects among other things include “Bing plans on warning users about potential threats from search results – Panda 4.2 complicates SEO for e-commerce sites & Is there really just one metric that matters for content marketing?” Our host, David Bain is joined by Hannah Thorpe from The Media FlowRob Weatherhead from TecmarkStewart Rogers from Venture Beat plus Ben Magee & Paul Hunter from Liberty Marketing.

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Topics discussed today:

  1. Bing is going to warn users about threats from fake pharmacies
    Yesterday Bing announced on its blog that it was going to start warning users about search results of pharmacies that has been cited by the FDA as a fake online pharmacy engaged in illegal activity – but is this a good user experience, or the slippery slope to another negative SEO opportunity?
  2. Is it right and fair that sites can get stuck in Panda’s filter for 10 months?
    An article today on Practical Ecommerce says that Panda 4.2 complicates SEO for e-commerce sites – it points out that although Panda 4.2 rolled-out recently, Panda 4.1 happened hack in October 2014, 10 months ago. Is it right and fair that sites can get stuck in Panda’s filter for that long?
  3. Windows 10 is “effectively overriding” a user’s browser preference
    Chris Beard, the CEO of Mozilla has written an open letter to Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft saying that he’s disturbed by an aspect of Windows 10 – Chris says that Windows 10 effectively overrides a user’s browser preference. If Microsoft continue to do this, what will the likely outcome be?
  4. The Only Metric That Matters For Content Marketing
    Last week Techcrunch published an article called “The Only Metric That Matters For Content Marketing” – but what is the metric – and is it really the only metric that matters?
    I read this article – and I thought it was very clever – because it was an article about testing different headlines and how different headlines generate higher click through rates. “The Only Metric That Matters For Content Marketing” was the headline that got a 45% click-through rate improvement compared with the original, which was – “The One Metric That Matters for content marketing”. How important are headlines in content marketing?
  5. Is it better to be abrasive and followed by many, or being liked and followed by less?
    Donald Trump wants to be President – but can he turn social media dominance into votes? Is being abrasive and dominant on social media better than being liked by the majority of your followers?
  6. Twitter shares plummet another 10% – and Snoop Dogg wants to be their new CEO
    Over the past week Twitter’s value has plummeted another 10% – the value of its shares is now just above what it was at its IPO. Even Snoop Dogg says they need to spice it up, and is using the hashtag “Snoop for Twitter CEO”! But what would you change if you were Twitter CEO?

Conclusion & action points:

ROB WEATHERHEAD: I think the takeaway for me is find your own metrics for content marketing. Don’t believe what someone else believes is there. The only metric to success, gear it to your objectives and don’t worry about sensationalist headlines.

For details of me, I’m Rob Weatherhead, Operations Director at SEO and content marketing agency Tecmark based up in the north-west of England doing great things. Come and check us out. Thank you very much.

DAVID BAIN: Thanks Rob. And moving onto Stewart.

STEWART ROGERS: Well this has been fantastic as usual. Thanks for having us on. Takeaways for me, we’ve talked about so much today but I really think that just heading back to where Microsoft are going and what Microsoft are doing at the moment. One of the things that stuck out for me in my most recent study, which was on consumer attitudes to personalisation, was that you can do personalisation and you can ask people to give up their private data if you provide really high value experience on the other side in return for it. And that’s something that Google is doing very, very well with Google Now. It looks at my emails and I don’t mind it looking at my emails because it gives me my flight details or it gives me where I’ve got to be and what time I’ve got to leave and it knows all of that because it looks at my emails and I’m happy with that.

But Microsoft have a lot to learn in that respect and it’s something we can all learn in terms of how to use people’s private information to give them a really high quality, high value experience. So as marketers, that’s something we need to get a grip of. Microsoft seem to have lost that grip and that’s my big takeaway from today.

I’m Stewart Rogers. I’m at Venture Beat and VB Insight. Half the time I write news about marketing technology on Venture Beat and you’ll find that at and the other half of the time I analyse the marketing technology space and you’ll find that on and again, thanks very much for having us today.

DAVID BAIN: Thanks Stewart. Good having you on again. And Liberty Leanne keeps on tweeting away here wanting more mentions. Moving onto Ben and Paul there.

BEN MAGEE: So I’m Ben Magee. We’re at Liberty. We’re a Cardiff-based agency so if anybody’s got any questions feel free to get in touch by searching for our names or for our brand.

So my one key takeaway for today would be whether it’s social or whether it’s content that the quality over quantity approach is always the way to go and user experience at the fore, again whether it’s content or whatever it is you’re creating. If you could do those two things, no matter what part of this industry you’re working in, I don’t think you’ll go too far wrong.

DAVID BAIN: Lovely. And yourself, Paul?

PAUL HUNTER: Yeah, I’m Paul Hunter. I’m Digital Co-ordinator with Ben here in Cardiff for Liberty. My key takeaway is by a Mac to support Darth Vader! No, I think one of the biggest things is what Stewart was mentioning, really, that sentiment measurement will have increasing importance in the future for social, you know buying followers or outraging people to get followers, it’s just not good work.

DAVID BAIN: Lovely, thanks then. And moving onto Hannah.

HANNAH THORPE: Okay, this might be a difficult one! [child sitting next to Hannah] My key takeaway’s got to be something that Stewart actually said which is how content marketing is technically marketing. It’s not just content, which means that obviously your metrics need to be different and it’s something that people need to remember.

And then I’ve been Hannah Thorpe. I’m from The Media Flow and you can just search for us and find us as well if you need anything, and we do organic, digital marketing.

DAVID BAIN: And I’m David Bain, Head of Growth at and you can also catch me interviewing online marketing gurus over at Now if you’re watching this show as a recording, remember to watch the next show live. Head over to and sign up to watch the next show in real-time. But for those of you watching live, we’ve also got a video podcast on iTunes, so go directly to that at And remember to continue sharing your thoughts using the hashtag #TWIO on Twitter.

Until next time, have a fantabulous weekend and thank you all for joining us. Cheers everyone. Thank you for being a part of it.

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