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New Analytics SEO Platform Update: Keyword Ranking Summaries

We’ve just added some beautiful new visualizations and display options in the keywords section inside the Analytics SEO Platform.

This allows you to mashup your keywords into easy-to-visualize groups, display the group rankings over time and filter the final display by search engine, keyword grouping, brand and non-brand keywords, date and chart type. It also allows you to zero-in on the quantity of rankings in set ranking position bands.

Select ‘Ranking Summaries’

Start by selecting ‘Ranking Summaries‘ in the Keyword section in the platform.

Select 'Ranking Summaries'

Select ‘Ranking Summaries’

The Keyword Ranking Summary graph

Once inside the new version of the module, you’ll be able to see a ranking summary graph over time, with the performance of pre-selected groups of keywords displayed in ranking bands, colour-coordinated in our easy-to-follow traffic light format.

The graph inside the keyword ranking summary

The graph inside the keyword ranking summary module

Click on ‘+ Show Filters’ underneath the graph to display and select/deselect the search engines that you can include (currently Google, Baidu, Bing, Yahoo & Yandex).

View performance by ranking band

Also underneath the graph, you will be able to see the colour-codes for the 5 ranking bands – however, this also provides a further way to segment your keyword data. If you click on the numbers of the various ranking bands (i.e. ‘Ranked 1’, ‘Ranked 2-3’ etc.) you will see that you also have the ability to select and deselect keyword groups to focus on based on ranking band.

Viewing keyword group performance by ranking band

Viewing keyword group performance by ranking band

The above graph shows the quantity of keywords that were ranking in position number 1 over a fixed period of time.

Further filtering options

You will also see 4 further drop-down menus underneath the graph – providing you with the option to select pre-names keyword groups, keyword type (brand or non-brand), different date criteria and chart type (you can also revert to the more traditional bar chart should that be your preference).
Further filtering options

Further filtering options

We hope that these additional visualization options inside our Ranking Summaries tab inside the Analytics SEO Keyword Module will provide you with more easy-to-action insights, and easy-to-display summaries to assist you with your internal reporting responsibilities.


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