v5.4.2 – new link data (Country Codes, Citation Flow and Trust Flow)

Hot on the heels of our update yesterday, we’ve rolled out another piece of work today! This update provides you with additional link data to what was already provided in the system.

Principally, we will show you the Citation Flow and Trust Flow metrics for both your links and those of your competitors, as well as the Country Code for the IP hosting the sites link to either your site or your competitors’ sites. This is extremely useful for conducting quick and easy link audits and pre-sales reports (if you’re working for an online marketing agency).


You’ll see this data in the following areas of the platform:

  • Backlink Analysis (your links)
  • Competitor Link Quality (both the chart and the task table)
  • Check New Inbound Links (your link archive)
  • Multi-site dashboard

I’ll cover each affected area of the platform in turn.

Backlink Analysis

This module consists of a chart and a table. The chart updates every day showing you the total number of links to your site and your competitors on the campaign, using data imported daily from Majestic SEO’s “Fresh Index”. The table below the chart provides the details on your top quality links (limited to 50,000 for each site on the platform). It is this table which has been modified by this latest update.

Citation and Trust Flow

Current users of the system will notice that we have removed the AC Rank column and replaced it with columns for Trust Flow and Citation Flow. AC Rank was a useful, if somewhat crude, metric as it was based on referring domain data. The flow metrics Majestic introduced last year should be much simpler to use and analyze (as the index goes from 0 to 100 and not 0 to 15) and better reflect how Google treats the value in backlinks.

“Remember, it’s not just where your links are coming from but it also a question of what other domains link to those domains and how that link juice flows!”

If you want to understand more about these flow metrics, I would recommend reading Majestic SEO’s own explanation on their blog.

One of Majestic SEO’s own recommendations is that if you want to have worthwhile backlinks, you probably want to work to a minimum standard of a Trustflow of 20 as a general rule of thumb. Anything with a TF of 20 or more will pass some link juice, but obviously the greater the number the better! (You can use the >20 filter in the column heading to quickly filter the table).

Country Codes

We have also added a Country Code column, so you can quickly assess where in the world your backlinks are coming from! (The abbreviations in this column are based on an international standard). When you combine this data with either the Citation Flow and/or Trust Flow numbers, you can easily get a quick idea of how your backlink profile might look to a manual reviewer in Mountain View.

  • Does your site have lots of low quality links from one part of the world and are these stuffed with exact match competitive keyphrases?
  • Are you making best use of what appear to be your best quality and most reputable links?
  • Are they directed to the right landing page?
  • Is the anchor text  use ideal?
  • If they’re coming from the ideal source (country code) and authoritative domain, are the links coming from the ideal URL within that domain?

These are just some of the questions you might want to be asking when looking at such data and,by filtering our tables, you can quickly get some answers to such questions.

Don’t forget to remove and then disavow!

Once you’ve identified any worrying patterns, it might take you a while to get those links permanently removed, but it only takes a few seconds to download this table using the CSV export option.

…and then cut and paste those domain details into Google’s disavow tool. Simples!

Competitor Link Quality

Anyone who has used this module before will immediately notice the fact that we have re-designed the chart to now show a breakdown of both Citation Flow and Trust Flow, instead of just AC Rank:


Again, this is very useful for analyzing your competitors’ backlink profiles.

  • Do your competitors have good quality or poor quality, spammy-looking profiles?
  • Should you try to mirror their activities or go your own way?

Check New Inbound Links

This module archives your backlinks as your campaign progresses. As the Backlink Analysis table (shown above) is limited to 50,000 backlinks, the overspill from that table will get archived into this module each week. When you combine both these modules and also take into account these new metrics, you get an overall view of your backlink profile’s overall development during the course of an online marketing campaign.

Mult-site dashboard

We made a small adjustment to this part of the platform by removing the average quality column, which had been based on Majestic’s AC Rank and replacing it with two new columns – Average Trust Flow and Average Citation Flow.

At a glance, this therefore allows you to quickly compare sites to see which sites are picking up the best quality backlinks.

I hope you find this update useful. As always, feel free to add some feedback in the comments below, by emailing us or via Twitter.

By: Matt O’Toole, Customer Experience Manager at Analytics SEO

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  • What a difference some great new metrics can make! This is big. Once again we are forging ahead with the best data available in the platform marketplace.


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