Link Building Progress

A tutorial on the Link Building Progress component in Analytics SEO.

As you might imagine, this component is simply here to help monitor your link building progress.

The table shows your target domains, the date you targetted that domain (and added it to this table), together with the dates it was either acquired, rejected or abandoned.

We also produce a pie chart for this component which illustrates visually how well your link-building campaign is going. Obviously, you ideally want this section in blue to be growing over time.

The table can be downloaded as part of the Off-Site section report. We recommend you use an Excel download if you want to export all the data from this table in one go. If you export your Off-Site report to Powerpoint, you will see the pie chart exported, together with a shortened table. To add all your live prospect domains into this slide, just create a quick filter in the file you’ve exported to Excel and copy and paste the data into this slide.

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