Migrating from Raven Tools

Last week Raven Tools took the difficult decision to remove their SERP tracking tool, which has forced their customers into an equally difficult position; for their customers it’s a question of either remaining with Raven and making do without the ranking data, or of changing providers. Now we’re obviously a little biased in regards to this… But the reason that people chose Raven was that it was a fully integrated solution – as we are, but as Raven no longer is. For more information you can read this comprehensive comparison between Raven and ourselves.

If you’re thinking of moving from Raven then you’ll understandably want to retain the data that you have within Raven. If you sign up by December 18th we can guarantee that we will have you set up by Christmas – this includes having all your sites in the software, importing your links into the software and your keyword ranking history. If we receive your data after that date we will be able to get your data into the software by the first or second week in January.

We are confident that we are not going to be affected by the same problems that have beset Raven – as we had a similar situation to them a year ago but decided at that time that SERP rankings were more important to our customers. You can read more about this and other FAQs here. You can also read more about the changes in Raven and our reaction to it.

If you have any other questions please get in touch; give us a call, tweet us, find us on facebook or drop us an email. We’re also running a webinar this afternoon at 15.30 GMT as an introduction to the software, so please sign up to attend if you’re interested.

By: Anna Champ

p.s. since adding the above post, we’ve clarified the import process – please download these instructions which detail how to migrate keyword ranking data from Raven.

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