Monitored Keywords

A tutorial on the Monitored Keywords component in the Analytics SEO campaign management platform.

The Monitored Keywords component is the first component under the Competitors & Keywords tab

As you can see, this component provides the user with a table and a line chart showing ranking changes over the course of a campaign.

In the main component in the user interface, you have a table here, which you can use to monitor changes in rankings for your monitored keywords.

This table enables you to quickly identify significant changes in keyword performance in the SERPs. It is worth remembering that you can use various types of filters here.

A word about Initial and Campaign Start ranks. A Campaign Start rank is the rank we recorded at the start of a campaign. However, an Initial Rank is the very first rank we ever recorded for a keyword during this campaign. They may differ, simply because you may add additional keywords midway through a campaign, in which case we won’t have a Campaign Start rank for those keywords, but will have an Initial Rank. The change column will therefore reflect a change from Initial Rank, in order to allow for both eventualities.

First of all, you can use the column headers to sort the table, but you can also filter this data by using part of a keyphrase, an existing keyword group, a search engine or you can use various mathematical filters in the top of these column headings.

For example, if I simply type here ‘1-10′, this column will almost instantly refresh to show me all my current rankings of the first page of a search engine or for a group of (up to 4) search engines. But I can break this data down even further, by using similar filters in other columns. I could get this table to show me which of these keywords were ranking last week on Page 2 but have now moved to Page 1 and vice versa. Other similar functions work too – for example, the less than sign and greater than signs also work here, as you can see.

This component also includes a customisable chart. Here, you can individual select which of your monitored keywords to monitor over time and save the resulting graph down as a PNG. If you’re working for an SEO agency, this can be useful for showing a client the movements of selected keywords over time. In future releases of the software, we plan to include the option to show your competitors’ positions over time for the same select group of keywords.

We recently added some sophisticated filters into this chart, so if you have set up keyword groups (as I have here), you can easily get the chart to display keyword sets with just a few clicks. This can be very useful if you are monitoring large numbers of keywords on a campaign and need to report on different sets of keywords.

Below the chart, you will again notice that the component shows when it was last updated and when you can next expect it to update. At the moment, we run keyword ranking jobs every week, but future releases of the software will allow for daily ranking checks to be specified.

The most important thing to remember about the Monitored Keywords component is that there is a lot more detail hidden behind this green Keyword Research button. Click here and you will open up a task page where you can monitor keyword performance in more detail and also conduct keyword research in order to determine which keywords to monitor for your particular SEO campaign.

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