Month on Month Keyword Performance

A video tutorial on the Month on Month Keyword Performance component in Analytics SEO.

[youtube id=”gSiPJSYSge8″]

This is a Month on Month moving average of the Keyword ranks for your Monitored Keywords. We run keyword ranking checks every week, so this table simply takes those figures and calculates a monthly average in order to give you a long-term view of your keyword movements.

The table in the main interface will display the starting position and the average rank for the last five months, together with the keyword group and search volume (taken from SEMRush).

Again, you can filter this table in the normal way and download the filtered table as a quick CSV export. However, if you need the full history, download this component in an XLS format as part of a standard report or a custom report and you will get the full details for the entire campaign.

If you want to see week by week histories, however, you need to download the standard Keyword Ranking History report. This is only available as an Excel download, but gives you the full detail of the week by week movements in your keywords for the entire campaign.

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