More SEMRush keyword data (Impressions and CPC)

This is a pretty straightforward update. Version 5.4.4 (released today) added more data from SEMRush into the Monitored Keywords task table and the Keyword Research Suggestions table, principally a refresh button (for Pro+ customers to use) and CPC and Impressions data for each keyword:



To get to this area of the platform, either:

  1. Go to the Competitors & Keywords tab, select the Monitored Keywords module and click on the green “Manage Keywords” button; or
  2. Using the Quicklinks menu, select Add/Edit Monitored Keywords (click on the Keyword Research tab to select the Keyword Research Suggestions table, rather than the detailed monitoring table).

You’ll notice two new columns: CPC (SEMrush) and Number of Results (SEMrush) – i.e. Impressions. Both pieces of data can be used to judge how competitive a keyword is. The CPC (Cost per Click) number will reflect how much in demand that keyword from PPC advertisers and can indicate how much you would pay to have a PPC listing for that keyword, although it does get a little complex (

Number of Results, on the other hand, shows you the number of results appearing for that keyword; in other words, it can tell you how many other sites and URLs you might be competing with, were you to target that keyword and try to optimize a landing page for that keyword.



How you make use of this extra data or the combination of this new data with the existing data in this detailed part of the platform, will ultimately determined by your outlook, budget and the kind of site you’re working on. Should you focus on keywords where the CPC is high or low and where the Impressions numbers are high or low? It’s up to you, but the software allows for very quick filtering to enable you to spot some good opportunities.

Refreshing SEMRush data


We generally only import SEMrush data either:

  • at the beginning of a campaign, when keywords are first loaded (either as part of the normal Add Site process or using the bulk import feature)
  • when keywords are subsequently imported or manually added to a campaign
  • when you make use of the Keyword Suggestions tool

Now, Pro+ customers will be able to get the system to refresh the imported data. Please note that, if you do this, at the moment at least, the system will simply overwrite the values in this table. We will shortly be beginning to store this data historically.

We hope adding this extra keyword helps with your keyword research and detailed monitoring efforts, but as ever, if there’s any other pieces of data you’d like us to import, by all means get in touch.

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