My Journey Into SEO

Before my time at Authoritas, I was working at an agency as a Pay-Per-Click Campaign Manager. I love PPC, it makes sense to me, the results are pretty much instantaneous, I can manage my budget at the flick of the proverbial switch, and measuring my ROI is very simple. Google AdWords and I have a love like no other!

The best part about getting to work in the morning was opening up my company’s MCC account, and seeing how many clicks and conversions I received from the previous day (…maybe I should get out more). I remember having a discussion with one of my clients about how we could go about improving his conversion rate. We bounced a few ideas off of each other in order to make his site more conversion friendly, and after these changes were implemented, the number of conversions for that month more than tripled. Yes, I walked around the office with a certain swag – I’m not going to lie.

My point however, is that I was very comfortable in my little PPC bubble, when Laurence (Authoritas’ CEO) came along, and offered me a job in his SEO software development company. Urm, huh? I rarely spoke to the SEO team in my previous agency as PPC was the only thing that mattered (well, at least that’s what our department thought anyway…) I accepted the job, as the company looked interesting, and I was fascinated by the software they were building. I was definitely up for a new challenge.

The first few days however, were a bit of information overload!

People were taking about their pandas, penguins and those href-whatchamacallits. I was in way over my head! After the initial few weeks of getting orientated with our platform, and the position I would be filling, it was evident I was either going to sink or swim. I started reading up on, and self-studying the fundamentals of SEO, and it started to come together really nicely. I read through Moz’s Free Beginners Guide to SEO, which is a great start to learning the fundamentals. I also downloaded Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide PDF. This document details the best practices around SEO, and explains it in a way that is very easily understood. Another site that I have found most useful is our very own Head of Growth, David Bain’s, What is SEO? Learn SEO Basics & Optimize Your Website. This series of video tutorials lay out the basics of SEO and optimization techniques for beginners, entrepreneurs, and marketing managers. All three of these resources are great places to start if you are looking into learning the basics.

To end off with, this is a short introduction to my first of many blog posts detailing my transitional journey from PPC to SEO. I will discuss the challenges I’m sure I’ll face, my successes and ‘aha moments’, and general thoughts around the topic. If you are an SEO expert, this blog might resonate with your start in SEO, but if you are new to the industry, come along on this journey with me.

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